The Magician's Sin


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A fantasy noir with the flavor of a gumshoe detective story laced with superhero, classical mythology, and occult motifs.

Anson Walker is a retired-wizard-turned-monster-hunter who can’t die.

It’s a curse, really. One that can only be reversed during the Aberration, a magic event that occurs once every seventy years. Exhausted by the centuries and jaded with life, Anson plans to take advantage of the upcoming Aberration and end his unnatural existence.

Until the disappearance of Dixie Dupree, Anson’s ex-wife. When Dixie’s daughter recruits him to find her mother, Anson can’t turn her away. And as he searches for his former love, he discovers that he’s not quite as ready to die as he thought.

The Magician’s Sin is a fantasy noir novel that combines the elements of a gumshoe detective story with splashes of superhero, classical mythology, and occult motifs. The story is well written, and the pacing and tension are nicely balanced. I enjoyed the story and recommend it to fans of the genre. The only reason I gave it three stars instead of four is because the copy I read contained frequent typographical errors.

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Published on May 03, 2019

Published by Kyanite Publishing

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