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The Magic of Words


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This book will help readers find the magic in positive words like happy, strong, and smart.

The Magic of Words, written by Amy Mucci, will captivate young readers and help them to find the magic in positive words like happy, strong, and smart. If you are in the market for a book that encourages thought more than emotion, then this book is for you!

Rather than delivering a story, this book takes readers through the steps necessary to notice the beauty in each word. In so doing, the author invites readers to consider how these amazing words were discovered. At the end of the book, the reader will find a list of discussion questions, which will help them evaluate their process.


Mucci's The Magic of Words is a little shorter than most picture books, with 17 pages, but I believe it will appeal to a wide range of young readers. It contains good illustrations, and the poetry aids readers in imagining the beauty hidden behind each word.

This wonderfully illustrated rhyme walks young readers through the beauty and wonder of words so that they can discover what different words might mean to them. I would encourage every young reader to pick up a copy of this book at their local bookstore or library or order it online!

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Discover what different words can mean to you as this beautifully illustrated rhyme guides you through the magic and wonder of words!

"Think of the word... Happy

Think of the word... Strong"

Words can be a source of inspiration, and this book encourages readers to create their own magic and find words just for them!

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Amy Mucci is an award winning author and illustrator. She has over twelve years of experience working as a school psychologist and behavior specialist. She enjoys spending her free time hiking, reading and adventuring with her husband and daughters (and three cats). view profile

Published on October 05, 2021

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