The Magic of Life


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The Magic of Life is a beautifully written and illustrated story with important advice for children.

The Magic of Life is a beautifully written and illustrated story that teaches children many life lessons.

Aikyam was a wise owl that lived in a universe she called Home. She lived at Home alone and had invisible magic called Love. Aikyam was a voracious reader and learned about many things. She wanted to experience all that she read about and came up with a great idea – she decided to use her magic to split herself into many living beings. She created planets, stars, wind, fire, animals, people (her children) and many other things.

Every person she created was unique and would have different experiences. Aikyam compared the journey they would have to a game in which they would each be given a personal map, key points, and tasks. The children would each choose the path they wanted to take. She gave them advice to help them through their journey.

This story is deeply meaningful and provides children with lots of advice in a very sweet manner. They will learn it’s important to accept others, be one with all (teamwork), befriend nature, be kind and brave, and much more. The author provides examples to help explain the lessons.

Aikyam is like a mother and through the author’s writing, you can feel the motherly love.

The illustrations are cute, bright, and colorful. They add to the pleasant tone of the story and are very eye pleasing.

I believe this is a book an adult and child should read together. Some children may need guidance in understanding the meaning of the book.

Definitely a book worth checking out!

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I am an independent author of children's books, Instagram book reviewer and lover of books. I have written three books to date and have recently discovered my love of reviewing pictures books that are not only fun to read but teach child important lessons. Fan of Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia.


Through her magic, an owl named Aikyam is embarking her children into a special quest in order to understand the secrets of life. Along the way, she unveils their deep friendship with nature and animals. This adventure brings into light the keys to happiness through oneness.

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As a mother, teacher and Pranic Healer, Sylvine has chosen to devote her life to help people through healings and meditations. Struck by a growing number of children and teens depressed and confused, she felt the need for guiding children and parents into understanding the deeper meaning of life. view profile

Published on August 14, 2021

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