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The Magic in Me


Loved it! 😍

Magical realism, mystery, and chick lit rolled into one. Fun and entertaining. Take this one on an airplane or to the beach!

The Magic in Me by Kelly Zimmer was SUCH a fun read! It's a bit of a cross between a mystery, chick lit, and magical realism--interesting and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this as a beach read or a travel read, as it is easy to drop into and speed right through.

Kelly Zimmer's writing is comfortable and unpretentious while still having great wit, charm, and comedic relief. The chapters flew by and I found it really easy to get sunk into the book without regard to time. I finished it in just a couple of days.

Most of the characters are very dynamically written, with great individuality. There are quite a few to keep track of, so that might be a challenge for some readers, but I feel like the author did a great job distinguishing each one. There are a handful of morally gray characters who add to the spice, so that enhanced my enjoyment even more. I will admit that I'm not a huge fan of one of these individuals due to his attitude and a few of his actions, but that is addressed as an issue within the narrative, so it works.

The narrative is playful and entertaining while still following a reasonable train of thought. There is some good, uncomplicated mystery along with unique situations and imaginative handling of those particular moments in the plot.

This was a joy to read and I very much had a good time with it. I am diving right into the sequel!

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Kelly Zimmer is the pen name of Deborah Bacom, a fugitive from the corporate world. Deborah lives in Florida with her husband and takes full advantage of the year-round sunshine. When not working on the Emi Watson series, she enjoys crafting thrilling, short stories. view profile

Published on August 14, 2019

70000 words

Genre: Magical Realism

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