The Longing Soul- A story of Love, Hurt and Love.


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Emotions are pulled and loyalty is tested in this story with characters battling with theirselves over love, hurt, loss, and love again!

The Longing Soul- A Story of Love, Hurt and Love by Akin Odidi was very easily read in one sitting with no difficulties. Though I had read and anticipated the synopsis, there were several moments where I had expected a few of the characters to act differently then their character did. With the story beginning with a friendship between David and Bridget and slowly turning borderline inappropriate, I was expecting David’s marriage to fail due to the strain caused by his new friendship. I found myself impressed with his genuine dedication to his relationship with his wife and hopeful for their marriage to survive the struggles it encountered.

Although The Longing Soul was a fairly quick read, it felt as though there were a lot of character stories thrown in together and battling for the spotlight on who was the main character in the story. At times, it seemed like I was waiting for the story to circle back around to David and Perrey, though their story had abruptly ceased, although with a satisfying ending situation. With David and Perrey’s reflection coming to an end with their lives in a stable and happy place, I was happy to read that Bridget was able to move on from her adoration of David and find someone who could make her happy without stepping out on his own family. There was also a significant section that was devoted to a friend David had met while away from work named Joane. Joane had been dating one of David’s roommates in Kora and was devastated by his unexpected death.

There were multiple themes within The Longing Soul- love, lust, friendship, loss, and grief. The story did feel a bit more rushed at times than I would have liked, but it contained several different emotions and was able to pull them all from me in such a short duration. The story was edited well to ensure no spelling or grammatical errors were found by me while reading, which is something I always appreciate more while reading. The Longing Soul is a story that many readers could enjoy- whether they enjoy a romance story, or prefer some dramatic building in their reads, this one contains enough for all readers to enjoy. My rating for The Longing Soul is 3 out of 5 stars. Although I didn’t necessarily have negative thoughts on the story, I did feel like the situations were very rushed and that the narrative was passed back and forth more times than I would see fitting for a story of this duration.

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Akin is a writer and author who writes on topical issues to motivate and uplift. He has written three other books-Creativity And Mindset-The King Solomon Creative Model, Leadership Without Impact-Why Leaders Fail and Bullying- A Scar For Life. Although, his first fiction, Akin plans to write more. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

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