The Longing Soul- A story of Love, Hurt and Love.


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The Longing Soul is a story of love,hurt and love again. Bridget has an eye for the smart ones, the ones whom every other person love to chase. David, a new hire in Antasia fits the bill and is ready to play ball. The trap, however, is that David, the subject of Bridget's attraction in this instance, is married, though, with some issues in his marriage. David was sent on a training course by Antasia.He met some friends at this course and was able to reflect on his marriage to Perrey and his friendship with Bridget.He decided to end his friendship with Bridget before it went deeper and became murkier. After refocusing in Kora,David settled into his new environs and made some new friends. Isah and Gons were David's course mates at Kora and lived in the same apartment with him. Isah met Joane and started a relationship with her, but unfortunately, Isah died shortly after their relationship started, leaving Joane heartbroken. David's wife, Perrey, eventually conceived. Joane was introduced to David's friend, Nielsin at David's welcoming party and love blossomed. Bridget, heartbroken because of David's dismissal eventually found love in Geof, a new hire in Antasia.

It was a beautiful afternoon; the workers were rushing to meet the deadlines on policy documents preparation and issuance. Line managers were also going about to ensure that their sections met up with their targets for the week. It was in this setting that David resumed work in the Risks Department of Antasia PLC. David was recently headhunted by the company to work in their claims settlement section as an underwriter and claims handler. A young lad, fresh from his first real job with an insurance brokerage firm in the city, David graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in insurance and actuarial science from the prestigious St Lukes University. He made a second-class lower division, not for want of brilliancy to make a first, but because he was too preoccupied with the fantasy and the allure and freedom of being away from home for the first time in his life at the university. These trappings almost made David forget the real reason why he had come to the university in the first instance. The wake-up call came when he was placed on probation in his second year for performing below par in statistics, a core module in his department. After leaving the university, David worked with an insurance brokerage firm in the city before his current job with Antasia. David had always been the Centre of attention in his previous place of work and wanted this scenario to continue at Antasia. Antasia was located in a very serene part of Lukia. First-time visitors to the company would not know that it was actually a corporate organisation as the surrounding settings made the area look like a residential quarter. Looking dashing and smart in his two-buttoned black suit with a white shirt and a red tie, David was introduced to other members of staff by Jones, an experienced HR person who had been with Antasia for more than six years. As David went from one department to the other, he was deluged with an avalanche of interests from the opposite sex. In one department, he was offered a lunch date by Bridget, an underwriter with eyes for smart guys and the Lotharios in the company. Bridget was the younger sister of one of the company’s directors. She was beautiful and had an air of authority around her. Fellow colleagues always flocked to her because they believed that they could always know what was happening in the company firsthand by befriending Bridget. Sensing that she needed to act quickly before other girls made their moves on David, Bridget offered him a lunch date. David was initially reluctant about a lunch date with someone he had met for the first time, but to avoid being seen as a weakling, he quickly accepted the offer and promised to get back to Bridget to work out the where and when of their lunch date. They both exchanged telephone numbers. One thing David did not reveal though was the fact that he was married. Monday the 15th was David’s second week at work. By now the news about Bridget having an eye for David had spread all over the company and David seemed to be enjoying all the attention. One afternoon, David was having lunch with some of his colleagues in the risks department and used the opportunity to ask questions about good eateries around the area. He was told of a particularly good and classy eatery called Yuts, which was not too far from the office. On getting back to the office, he instantly sent Bridget a text accepting her offer for lunch the next day. She was expectant and immediately replied in the affirmative. She also asked about the place. David replied, ‘Yuts.’ Bridget was surprised and wondered how David knew about Yuts, having been in the company for just two weeks. She, however, kept her surprise to herself and promised herself to ask David when they meet for the lunch. The following day, at lunch break David was already outside the company’s gate, waiting for Bridget to come out from the office. At last, she came out and offered her apologies for keeping David waiting. They both jumped into David’s car, and with the music of Marvin Gaye playing in the background, they zoomed off to Yuts. David alighted first from his car and went to the passenger’s side to open the door for Bridget. She looked stunning this afternoon in her well-cut sash gown and low-heeled black suede shoes. Bridget expressed her thanks to David for being such a gentleman. Hand in hand, they both entered the sanctuary called Yuts to discover all about each other, all alone and away from the office called Antasia. This was a different world. David selected a corner table where they could see people coming to the restaurant but could hardly be seen by other guests, except by those that were very close to their table. He started a conversation by telling Bridget about himself and his family. He told Bridget about the tension in his marriage as a result of their inability to conceive a child. Pressed further by Bridget, David promised to reveal all about his marriage to her at a later date as he did not want to spoil their date with tales about his marriage. They tucked into their lunch and wrapped it up with a cup of ice cream each; it was now time to leave and go back to work. As David stood up, Bridget hugged him and whispered nothing particular into his ear. They both walked silently to the car park and got into the car. David sped back to the office.

About the author

Akin is a writer and author who writes on topical issues to motivate and uplift. He has written three other books-Creativity And Mindset-The King Solomon Creative Model, Leadership Without Impact-Why Leaders Fail and Bullying- A Scar For Life. Although, his first fiction, Akin plans to write more. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

20000 words

Genre: Romance

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