The Lightning Knight (The Knights of Nine: Book One)


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This wonderful fantasy combines the traditional hero's journey with Valiente's own unique compelling surprises. Absolutely worth the time.

In this well-conceived epic fantasy, Sean Valiente delivers a story of an adolescent named Oliver, beset by all of the usual woes of the teen years, compounded by practical (if not actual) orphanhood, rising stardom in the fighting realm, and a quest to find magic - which is both outlawed and deemed outright immoral by some and nonexistent by others. On his side, Oliver has his friends, his sister, some friends he gathers along the way, and his name and family history; against him are the Queen (probably), an old acquaintance, and some enemies he gathers along the way.

Oliver gathers quests (attending championships, finding a certain magic tome, etc.) like the rest of us gather old receipts, but the main points are the ongoing evolution between Oliver and magic and Oliver and his friends, particularly Oliver's relationship with a young boy named Po, who he hopes to train. Through his many quests, Oliver "wins some and loses some," so to speak, and some are more important to him (and will be to readers) than others, but overall, Valiente gives readers a good first instalment in what is intended to be a series.

As with any story, this one had strengths and weaknesses. Lightning Knight's biggest strength was its overall entertainment value, which derived chiefly from the interaction from its well-envisioned characters. Each character had a specific role to play, and the interplay worked well. Valiente did an especially great job of balancing male and female characters, something which is uncommon with fantasy novels.

As long as the book is, however, I would have liked to see it split into multiple smaller novels with more focus spent on each of the different adventures the team had; as it was, sometimes, it seemed that certain turns of the tale were more glossed over than they could have been if the manuscript had been split to allow this.

That having been said, I really enjoyed Lightning Knight; I found it lighthearted and fun, with tones of John Flanagan and David Eddings. Fans of those authors, or Christopher Paolini, would enjoy Valiente. I look forward to future works by this author.

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Raised in Maine, Sean Valiente grew up escaping to the fantasy worlds of his favorite authors. He now lives north of Boston, hoping to inspire others. view profile

Published on December 29, 2020

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