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Benjamin, now done with high school, leaves home to join the army. After getting settled, he has an epiphany that time has come for him to give his life to Jesus. A church pears into view that presents the idea of safety and security. The deal is then sealed with an arranged marriage that God seemingly ordains. Early within this new life, Benjamin realizes that things are not as they appear. Strange and bizarre encounters occur before Benjamin begins to accept that he has been had. Years would pass before he would escape not only the church but also the marriage that was used as a tool to bind him for the churches use. This cult would serve as the doorway into the worse and darkest experiences of his life. Much time would pass before opportunities to step into the light and leave behind the cultic darkness that plagued him from before.


B’s family moved several times within Hostile during his youth, which offered very little stability, if any, to a young boy. The mother insured that the children, B and his sister, stayed in church no matter what. Old School Pentecostal Holiness was the brand of Christianity that B’s mother’s side of the family had espoused. The church location of choice was not within the limits of Hostile, but a good distance away in Coolidge, a much smaller city by size and population. This was somewhat of a journey every weekend to Just Our Time Church, for not only B’s immediate family but also his extended family that, too, lived in Hostile. Over time, with the various family moves to different parts of Hostile, the churches, too, would change, though they all had the same or at least a similar philosophy.


           B’s family started out living within the walls of their own space. The father and mother both came home every night. Later, the father would choose a job that kept him from being able to come home on a continuous basis in the evenings, a job that would keep him in several states, whether regionally or nationally. He coordinated the shipment of goods via truck and rail. Not long after taking such a position, the family—the mother and children—were forced to perform various moves, even to the point of living with other family members. Finally, after living with various family members, the mother and children could live within a place and community where they no longer had to depend on others to provide shelter. Yet it was not long afterward that they would have to move to Woods, Atlantis, which was hundreds of miles away, to be introduced into a different, slower, and somewhat more stable life that would eliminate all the moving around. It was at this place that B came to an age where he began to develop into a young adolescent and into his young adult years. Because of B’s father taking a job that kept him from home quite often, and the type of fathering that his father chose to demonstrate, B would have a rough time developing as a masculine young man. 

About the author

Military veteran, father of three, author, blogger, and thinker is the author of “The Life of Benjamin Samuel Brasford,” a book that begins a series that focuses on life through the careful interweaving of various subjects for the purposes of connecting dots from a pragmatic point of view. view profile

Published on December 04, 2018

Published by Intelligent Publishing

7000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical fiction

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