The Life of a Shadow


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This magnificent father-daughter collaborative is bound to be a favourite for many children.

The Life of a Shadow, written by Brittany Marie Leonard, will encourage your child to face any challenge confidently. This magnificent father-daughter collaborative is bound to be a favourite for many children. If you would like to help your child develop a strong sense of self, and encourage them as they go on their own adventures, then I would encourage you to pick up this book!

It is often the dream of authors to use stories to mentor. If this is Leonard’s dream, it has been fulfilled. This story will help your child face grown-up issues, like loneliness and bullying, confidently.

The simple illustrations complement the story well. Additionally, the use of soft colours makes the story easy to read, especially at nighttime. I am particularly impressed with the pictorial glossary, of shadow puppets, which was included at the back. They are fun and easy to try. Children will want to hang on to this book long after bedtime!

I would recommend this book to any reader. While it seems to be geared towards younger readers, I believe older children can appreciate this story since it deals with more advanced topics such as bullying and loneliness. After reading this book, children will become more self-confident and independent.

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Brittany's Dad always had a way of bringing her comfort in times of uncertainty. When he told her the story of why we have shadows, he never guessed the lasting impacts this story would have as Brittany grew. This beautiful father-daughter collaborative retelling is fit for all types of families, and will bring a feeling of comfort to children of all ages.

Bonus Content! Includes instructions to make a variety of shadow puppets!

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Published on April 06, 2021

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