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The Legacy of Lanico


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A thrilling and well-paced fantasy adventure, THE LEGACY OF LANICO offers pure epic fantasy escapism, in spite of small errors.

An epic fantasy about a band of misfits reclaiming their rightful land and throne, The Legacy of Lanico is pure fantasy escapism. Overall I give it an enthusiastic four stars, due to its superb pacing, lovable characters, and heartwarming message, in spite of a smattering of typographical errors, at times sub-par writing, and hasty ending.

What I loved most about The Legacy of Lanico was how immersed I felt in the mystical world of Odana, with its purple mountains, and the Great Mist, with its hobbit-like tree trunk homes. Having read and reviewed this book in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, what I hoped for in picking up this book was escapism, and that's exactly what the author delivers. Each day after seeing the national news about body counts piling up, The Legacy of Lanico offered a blissful and adventuresome respite from the harsh realities of the world as we know it. I loved the beautiful imagery in this epic adventure.

I also especially appreciated the excellent pacing. As a lover of plot-driven genre fiction, I find that poor pacing can easily ruin an otherwise great plot, but, for the most part, The Legacy of Lanico does not disappoint. Chapters alternate in which plotline they follow, which adds a welcome variety to the reading experience. Add in a cast of lovable (and, for the villains, appropriately loath-able) characters, and you've got a recipe for an entertaining fantasy novel. My only minor issue with the pacing is that the resolution felt a tad rushed. Although I understand that this book is the first in a series, I would have preferred to have had at least some resolution of the subplots involving Gish, Marin, and Anah, who did not feature at all in the final few chapters.

As for things about this book that didn't quite work for me, The Legacy of Lanico provides a prime example of something that I as a reviewer have often repeated: great storytelling can easily overcome technical flaws, but the opposite is far from true. The Legacy of Lanico is living proof of the first half of that statement: there are numerous typos, and the prose is awkward in places, but the entertaining story overwhelmingly makes up for those issues. Therefore, I highly recommend this book for lovers of fantasy who care most about darn good storytelling and who can easily forgive little typos. If you are the sort of reader for whom such technical errors take you out of the story experience, then The Legacy of Lanico may not be the best fit for you. But otherwise, I recommend it for fantasy lovers looking for pure, fun escapism.

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Published on December 17, 2019

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