The Last Flag (Race the dead Book 1)



What would you do to pay the bills; to survive, or to just get rich, would you compete against other teams in a quarantined town filthy with zombies wanting to bite out your throat?
Emma and Lewis sign up for the race, they need the money to save his life. But they won't just be racing the dead, the surprise blizzard or the other contestants.

Because anger and vengeance know no bounds and like everyone in the blighted town they become pawns in a game of retribution.

The contestants become nothing more than live entertainment to viewers who watch and judge their every move in the town of Prideful as they race each other to arrive alive to a final flag. The team that makes will get airlifted out alive and go back home richer for it, the others walk back to a pittance and if they are not careful. They won't get out at all.

Like any predator, go for the young. Or the weak.

hu•man be•ing


1.a man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

2.Decent, kind, a person with empathy and strength. Not an asshole.

The heater in the car was on high, as it fought off the early morning chill and the driver checked her appearance in the rear view mirror. She wiped the corner of her lips for an imagined lipstick smear, patted down the curves of her hair and ran her fingers across some unruly strands. She examined her eyes intently for almost a minute, then decided it would be okay.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” she smiled tightly to herself, and stepped out of her black BMW.

She walked past the iron gates and took a clean new cement path that cut through a carefully landscaped lawn to the entrance of the private school.

She had been here before (Invited to an obligatory school recital, obligatory in so much as the invitation had come from the boy’s father, who was up on company ladder than herself, but she was sure the boy wouldn’t remember her), so finding her way around wasn’t a problem and she knew just where to look. The woman walked deeper into the maze of school corridors, past halls and walls adorned with drawings, posters and notices, past arrays of lockers and classes.

There. There was the boy. 

A small, shy child, who according to the father: was an intelligent little bookworm, sensitive, and artistic. The man could drone on about it. The father loved the boy very much, which surprised everybody, as the boy was not even his real son.

As she walked up to him he turned toward her. The clicking of her high heels on the tiled floors had announced her arrival.

“Nate, hi.” She leaned toward him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Your mom is waiting for you in the office. Come with me.”

“She just dropped me off,” the puzzled boy mumbled.

“She said she forgot to give you something. I forget what.” She smiled at him “Must be a cool surprise! C’mon.”

She walked down the hall, the high heels beat an unpleasant rhythm that echoed in the hallway, the small boy quickened his pace to keep up. As she went she tested and inspected the doors along the way until she opened a door to an empty stockroom.

“Come here a second. I need to grab some paper” Her words were cold and no longer even held the memory of friendly tone.

The boy hesitated briefly. Puzzled, uncomfortable but obedient, he followed her inside.

There she closed the door after him, her smile turned to a grimace, and she fell on the boy. She gripped the child painfully tight and pushed him to the floor, clamped his mouth shut with one hand, while with the other she grabbed one of his thin arms, brought it to her mouth, and bit down hard.

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Published on December 31, 2016

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