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The Journey of Yuan and Kian


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Creative, fun and engaging story about the friendship between two unicorns and how they create stars

The Journey of Yuan and Kian is a very creative, fun, and engrossing story about the friendship between a land unicorn and a sea unicorn and how they created stars.

Yuan is a land unicorn who works hard creating holes in the soil so people can plant vegetables and fruit. His job keeps him very busy and it’s hard for him to find time to play.

One day, after work, Yuan went to the beach and saw the water was covered in holes. Then, an animal with a horn like his emerged from the water. Yuan introduced himself and learned that animal was a sea unicorn named Kian. Like Yuan, Kian does not find time to play.

Yuan and Kian became friends right away and decided to help one another create holes so they can get time to play. Yuan also had an idea of how to add light to the night sky so the two could have more time to play after work. But, for all this to happen, they would have to learn to run (Kian), swim (Yuan) and fly (both.)

The two friends go on a journey, meet new animal friends along the way and learn “when you believe, you are.”

I really enjoyed this story. I kept reading to find out what would happen next. As I read through the story, I was curious to know what Yuan’s idea was, how they would create more light at nighttime and if they would learn to run, swim and fly.

The author used a very playful font which is great for kids. The illustrations are unique: they look to be a combination of real images combined with illustrations layered on top. On one of the pages, as Yuan and Kian are going on their journey, the authors used a puzzle like image where you trace the line from beginning to end to get to the destination, with mini images of the animals they meet along the way. I thought it was original!

This story teaches children about forming friendships through common aspirations, meeting new people (or animals), learning from others, trying new things, being curious and most importantly, believing in yourself.

A great read!

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I am an independent author of children's books, Instagram book reviewer and lover of books. I have written three books to date and have recently discovered my love of reviewing pictures books that are not only fun to read but teach child important lessons. Fan of Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia.


The Journey of Yuan and Kian is a whimsical children’s picture book about a land unicorn, Yuan, and a sea unicorn (or narwhal), Kian, and how they created the stars in the pitch-black sky. Yuan’s job is to poke holes in the soil with his horn so that people can plant seeds and grow fruits and vegetables. Kian’s job is to poke holes in the ocean with his horn so that the marine animals can get some air. When Yuan meets Kian, they form an immediate friendship and help each other dig holes faster so they can have time to play after work. Unfortunately, the evenings are dark and they realize that no one can play after sunset. With some help from the other animals, they find a way to add light to the night sky, allowing playtime to last longer. This children’s picture book has a touch of magic and its connection to folktales and fables will be enjoyed and admired by kids who like a meaningful story and dreaming big. With its message of “when you believe, you are,” The Journey of Yuan and Kian definitely deserves its place on children’s bookshelves.

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Published on January 17, 2021

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