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The Journey of the Self


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A small book about big ideas drawn from the work of Karl Jung, and Joseph Campbell as well as Eastern philosophy.

The Italian mathematician and futurist Davide Lo Vetere has written a small book about big ideas. Drawing on the work of Karl Jung, Joseph Campbell, as well as Eastern philosophy, he presents a theory for finding inner and outer peace by finding and nurturing one’s inner self.

               He delineates seven rules designed to allow you to tap into what he calls your Self. Each law is accompanied by an explanation of why it works as well as a list of actions to take to realize the law in one’s own life.

               The laws are divided into three groupings. The first group contains two laws that deal with what it means to be human. The middle three laws deal with self-control and self-management. The last two deal with how one relates to the world.

               He examines the Jungian idea of archetypes and explains why he believes this method of interacting with the world is outmoded. He believes one’s self, like their outward life, has its own hero’s journey going on beneath the surface. By applying his seven laws he believes we can help our spiritual self along this path and  learn to adopt new paradigms and archetypes that allow us to operate on a spiritual plane, free from the concepts of cause and effect that rule our daily lives.

               Whether it is called the soul the spirit or the ego, one’s inner self is like a well of water always there to be sipped, but often ignored. Frequently In our hectic lives we get hung up on the outward self that interacts physically with the world. Vetere’s Seven Laws proport to bring us closer to the spiritual world and help us lead a more productive and fulfilling life.


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Author, scholar, futurist and “culture hacker” Davide Lo Vetere wants to expand your vision of human purpose. He is the author of four books about the frontiers of human intelligence, culture and society, the rediscovery of human nature, and new paradigms of human progress. view profile

Published on March 18, 2019

Published by Truth Beauty Wonder Press

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