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The Jewish Nazi


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A captivating tale that, though some may think far-fetched, I greatly enjoyed. Sometimes too factual, but full of many jaw-dropping moments.

A captivating tale that, though to some may seem far-fetched, I greatly enjoyed. The author takes the reader on a journey through Nazi Germany as we follow the life of a Jewish doctor who has crashed back through time and landed in a foreign body, a Nazi doctor. After initially striving to get back to his safe life in 2019 Florida, soon with the help of his love interest he rapidly settles into his new ‘life’ and goes about finding why he has been ‘put’ in his idea of hell.

The Jewish Nazi had me hooked from very early on, following a storyline plentiful with unexpected turns that at times made my jaw sink. However, I found there to be an uneven balance between fact and fiction. Sometimes it felt like I was reading a history textbook rather than a fictitious novel, which made me lose interest quickly. In any case, this does not take away from the content of the story which was exciting enough to get me through the dull parts. The author often opts to use very intellectual words which made it hard to follow as I was spending more time googling definitions than I was reading the book. It feels as though the author is trying too hard to inject his fountains of knowledge into his creation, but he should trust that the quality of his storyline is entertaining enough without the fancy words, because it certainly was.

The majority of books focusing on this infamous time period are often biographical or at least based on true events, whereas The Jewish Nazi, obviously, was not. But aside from the time travel element it certainly felt like it could have been, especially as it follows the structure of journal entries. This, I believe, is a credit to the author as he effortlessly transported me to a time that, through all his detail and description, felt as though he lived through himself.

I would recommend this book to people with an open mind and who enjoy time-travel novels. If I look past the ‘educational’ side, the story was exciting, intriguing, shocking and one of those books that you just can’t put down, completely worthy of its four-star rating. However, for those more sceptical of stories involving such wildly impossible events, I would suggest giving this a miss as you may find it too far-fetched and ‘coincidental’ to enjoy.

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Journal Entry One-August 4, 1939

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John Vocale's writings include three novels, Don’t Get Mad-The Ins and Outs of Getting Even as An Entry Level Assassin, A Tale of Two Times and The Jewish Nazi. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife, Debra. view profile

Published on April 07, 2020

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