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The Jesus Ring


Loved it! 😍

A modernized, yet fictionalized, tale of truths told with an unexpected, or maybe not unexpected, conclusion that will leave you wondering.

The Jesus Ring by Daniel Harry, to be released in a few days, is a mosaic of stories based on the book of Revelation in the Bible. For historical religious fiction readers, this book would make an ideal read.

Daniel Harry shows insightful skill at crocheting together an intricate piece of word art in his novel. This page-turner was not at least what I expected it to be – I imagined a long-winded tale full of scholarly language and scriptures with ‘pepperings’ of fictionalizing of the people we have read about in the Bible, and maybe, even of Jesus.

The Jesus Ring was better – a welcomed surprise. Mind you, there were a lot of religious messages – but the way he inked them on the page made them seem very understandable.

Mr. Harry draws you in alluding to perhaps a mystery over the power of this ring that was found, first in the dirt below Jesus on the cross, and later washed up, during current times on the Florida shoreline.

He introduces you to Peter Christian – a man with a past and his own doubts into life. When Peter stumbles onto the ring, little does he realize the power the ring will give to the wearer, or that Jesus was the last wearer of the ring. It is then that Peter realizes he is in a journey. It is a modernized. and somewhat fictionalized for this novel, type of journey that was foretold in the book of Revelation in the actual Bible.

Through the ring, perhaps a tangible symbol of prayer, allows Peter to communicate directly with God. What one of us wouldn’t want to know what is ahead for us and how to ‘muddle through victoriously?’ Peter has this chance, and sees himself changing – not just spiritually or mentally, but also in physical experience.

The world is full of chaos, and uncertainty – analytical minds will click here as they look toward what is happening in our world today – and God wants to give His people a chance. There was not much time – those who worked with evil were gaining dominance, and soon would totally be in control. And that is when Peter realizes … what he is supposed to do … thanks to the ring. Unless Peter, with the help of the ring that Jesus wore, could grab the people back toward God.

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Author of The Jesus Ring and Ramblings of an Old Poot, and Shadows. Daniel Harry lives in Seabrook, Texas, with his wife, Cathy. Daniel has written many humorous short stories and just completed a new horror novel Shadows. view profile

Published on February 28, 2020

Published by Covenant Books

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Genre: Christian Fiction

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