The Humbling and Other Poems


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This is for all lovers of poetry who enjoy reading different styles at once.

A collection of poems – over a hundred – about all the different experiences and emotions that come with being human.

The poems tackle strong feelings and difficult topics relating to love, happiness, despair, hope, nature, time, reality, and dreams.

Some of the poems follow a rhyming pattern and have a rich, lyrical vibe, others follow a different pattern and style, making this book and the collection within it diverse and suitable for those who enjoy different styles and types of poetry.

Some of the poems felt really real and deep and moving, others felt like they lacked something, perhaps they were too personal or too specific to feel relatable.

The writer made use of historical and mythical references, as well as unique vocabulary (the author even includes a glossary at the end for the poetry terms used). This felt a bit risky as some people seek poetry for its simplicity, but there are those who enjoy its complexity. So, this makes this book really enjoyable for some, but perhaps a bit confusing for others.

There didn’t seem to be a specific theme in the book, which perhaps was the writer’s goal all along, but it just felt like the writer wanted to share everything (all his great ideas and thoughts) at once, squeezing everything into one book when perhaps it would have been better to split them up.

The book also contains the author’s own method in creating poetry, which perhaps deserves a book all on its own. There are also three essays that follow the poem, which, again, makes it feel like the author tried to get everything out at once. The book also includes recommendations for poetry books and other poets to check out, which at that point feels like just an attempt to fill out pages and reach a word count than anything more.

Still, the book is worth reading for those who enjoy diverse styles of poetry.

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The Humbling and Other Poems

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Recognized for crafting clear, classic, and compelling poems, Robert J. Tiess has been writing poetry since the 1980s. He is a SUNY New Paltz graduate, where he earned his degree in English Literature. He lives in New York, where he has enjoyed a fulfilling career in public library service. view profile

Published on April 26, 2022

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