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The Great Liquid Diet


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A detailed account of the Great Liquid Diet, its origins, benefits, techniques, and recipes

The Great Liquid Diet is aimed at the North American reader and describes the concept of "drinking" your nutrients mostly in raw form, its advantages, its origins, techniques to cleanse the body of toxins, equipment needed for juicing and blending, and some recipes.

People from other countries may already be following some of the dietary principles described in this book as a normal part of their food traditions.

While most of what the books says makes sense to me, I am uncomfortable because it lays heavy emphasis on believing in the healing power of naturopathy rather than producing hard evidence of its benefits. The author only gives anecdotal evidence of the improvements that the GLD can bring about.

Also, he frequently quotes spiritual guru Avatar Adi Da Samraj, bringing in an interesting spiritual perspective to healthy living. I believe in the surety of numbers rather than the healing power of faith, so I'm not entirely sold on the concept of the GLD.

Having said that, I must stress that the author clearly mentions that the GLD is not a miracle, but a dietary delivery system. He also says that the diet can heal chronic diseases provided they haven't progressed too far on. Honest statements like these give the book an air of authenticity.

I would have preferred cleaner formatting--currently, the pages look busy and somewhat like a promotional pamphlet with the use of multiple fonts, colors, and frequent underlining.

The book provides an in-depth look into what chemicals and potentially toxic substances go into the making of processed foods that we consume without a second thought--and this bit is scary if you're not aware of the dangers. You may never look at food the same way again!

The benefits of exercise, sound mental health, and personal hygiene are also discussed.

If you're interested in reading about an alternative to allopathy or are looking for ways to manage chronic diseases through lifestyle and diet, I would recommend that you give this book a read.

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Dr. Mehlmauer is Eyology professor, writer, and researcher at Grand Medicine in clinical practice since 1972. A now-retired Traditional Naturopath, he is author of acclaimed books, maps, essays, videos, and courses. His current work with The GREAT Liquid Diet is a team effort. view profile

Published on January 01, 2020

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