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The Gods Who Chose Us


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"The Gods Who Chose Us" by Michael J. Roy is everything you love about sci-fi/fantasy!

"The Gods Who Chose Us" by Michael J. Roy is a unique sci-fi fantasy novel. Based on the idea that both Norse and Greek gods are true entities, humanity is torn between supernatural wars. 

The gods were watching humans all along, and conducting social experiments with them. The ancient Greeks and Norse myths were not quite accurate, the author illustrates. Their characters are modernized and give a whole new meaning to "larger than life." 

Science and technology go hand in hand with out of this world godly powers. The strong factual base of the "magic" in this book was believable. This gave the fantasy a science fiction flavour that added another dimension of action to the story.

This book had a fantastical blend of everything I love about Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Magic, science, technology, powerful characters, interwoven plots, a melting pot of worlds, and time travel! 

A couple of times I got off track and confused reading this book. I appreciated the glossary of gods; it was fun to read the brief character descriptions. My favourite character was Sigyn. She had a quieter bravery than some of the more wild characters. I also was fascinated by Aion, because I am a time travel nut. 

There were a few swears but they were appropriate to the dialogue. The action was thrilling rather than gory. I recommend this book to anyone who has a zeal for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and for fans of "The Maze Runner," "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief," and"Ender's Game." 

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