The Gift of Stories


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A short story a day for 28 days and soon you've not only finished a book but have also identified themes that you're interested in reading.

I've been chatting with a lot of people about how the pandemic has been awful for our attention spans. So many of my friends who are readers have found it very hard to stick with books this year, myself included. For obvious reasons our attention has been averted elsewhere. Whenever I've found it difficult to focus on reading in the past, I've often gone to short stories since they are short and you sense a feeling of accomplishment once you finish one. Not only that, they can often motivate you to read more.

All that to say The Gift of Stories is the perfect pandemic read. The structure is set up so you read one story a day for 28 days (4 weeks), Week One stories being considerably shorter than Week Two stories, and so on; you are eased into reading longer stories essentially, and I think it's a great approach to encourage people to read more, or to get people back into their love of reading. Between the weeks the author asks you questions that cause you to look into yourself and wonder what it is about that particular story you liked.

I really enjoyed the stories. They were well-written and a mixture of intriguing, shocking, and witty. Also thought-provoking. After each story I was always left with the residue of some sort of human emotion, be it disbelief, awe, shock, or other. There were quite a few stories I wish I'd have read in a longer format, that's how intrigued I was by them. I definitely noticed that the type of stories I was drawn to in this collection were the ones with a little mystery and intrigue, which usually are not themes I come across in my readings, but perhaps during the pandemic that's what I'm looking for! It makes sense!


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Day 18. They Can't Save Me.

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H.D Michaels is a short story author. Her first novel, The Gift of Stories, is designed to help people make time in their lives for reading. One story a day for 28 days! Starting at less than 100 words and designed to ignite your imagination, and make you fall in love with reading again. view profile

Published on October 25, 2020

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