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The Furies is a rollercoaster of a read. For fans of West Side Story, and The Outsiders, this coming-of-age novel is a must read.

Corey Croft’s The Furies is a rollercoaster of a read. For fans of West Side Story, and The Outsiders, this coming-of-age novel is a must read. I was both pleasantly surprised by this novel, as well as emotionally wrecked by its final pages. This book provides a chillingly realistic look into a fictional urban setting, and explores the complexity of growing up, of finding one’s place in the world, of true friendship, and of pain. Croft uses a diverse array of characters, exceptional plot development, and engaging dialogue to captivate readers in this book. 

In the working class city of Fury, only one thing truly matters: survival. This is something Quinn “Cava” Cavanaugh and his group of friends learn very early on. Along with battling the trials and tribulations of reaching high school’s end, Cava and his friends, Luc, and Sally all face demons of their own outside the school’s walls. While these three have learned that sticking together solves most problems, sometimes it isn’t enough. Surrounded by gangs, drugs, and peer pressure, each member of their childhood crew must face the struggles of growing up and staying clean. But when Luc’s older brother returns, the lines blur that much more. With Luc pulling Cava in one direction, and Sally pulling him in another, he’s forced to make a choice. Lose one friend for another? Or choose neither, and face Fury alone?

From a plot and character development standpoint, this novel truly excelled. Croft crafted an interesting entry point to the fictional Quad Cities setting. The landscape of urban Fury is both volatile and raw, and it functions almost a character of its own. Seeing how the crew members are all influenced by the city’s landscape, and how they are changed by the end of the novel add a new narrative layer to the larger plot. It’s almost as if Fury is an adversary for Cava and his friends along the way. Croft integrates rich and diverse character perspectives in their neighborhood crew. Seeing a wide range of working class members, whether immigrant families, families of color, or dysfunctional families, this story provided perspective to all, and with their presence, additional obstacles, resilience, and tragedy. The obstacles characters encounter throughout their senior year of high school are very similar to obstacles many young teens face in urban settings. So while Fury is a fictional place, the world isn’t that far from the one we know. 

This narrative style provides a raw, unfiltered teenage perspective as these young adults struggle with survival. I found myself initially taken aback by abrasive honesty presented from these characters, but I understood the merit and necessity for its presence in the story. I found the normalization of drug and gang culture within this narrative to be fascinating. All of these factors further reinforced messages about loyalty, family, justice and socioeconomic barriers. Croft creates a visceral and visual plot within this novel, and had me entirely invested in all character success. I felt like this novel was a postmodern spin on S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders, and that I had very similar emotional journeys through both books. 

All in all, Corey Croft’s The Furies is an absolute must read in my book. This fictional world includes sharp reminders of the reality many communities face today. From police brutality to systemic racism and classism, this coming-of-age novel provides more than just the growing pains of becoming an adult. This story is relatable, heartbreaking, and a stern reminder that there are many cities in our world bone-chillingly similar to Croft’s Fury. 

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Corey Croft is a self-aware, self-possessed and self-described poet-warrior. He developed his love of story-telling by spending long hours in isolation. His turn-ons include hawkish noses, the combat-like use of alliteration and a Prussian work ethic. view profile

Published on August 28, 2019

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