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The Forgotten Children


Worth reading 😎

Quality writing talent, powerful premise but with mediocre character and plot development.

Don’t be fooled by the three stars: Isabella Muir is an exceptional writer! I was frequently left smiling and in awe by her quality use of literary techniques and by her perfect articulation of setting. Little nuggets of wisdom are hidden throughout the book that can make any reader stop and contemplate the greater picture of life.

However, although the novel started strong, I felt a disconnect through the plot development. I felt some scenes underdeveloped or distracting from the plot itself. It made finishing the book difficult. Although the theme and the story itself are heartbreaking (about a horrible injustice of human history I never knew happened), I felt dissatisfied with the ending. From the midpoint on, I felt the story lacking in urgency and detail. With such quality writing, I would have expected more in terms of story pacing and emotion.

I read for character, emotion and writing quality. Isabella Muir has a huge five star for her writing ability but my emotional connection to characters was weak, due to poor plot pacing or for lack of development.

I am grateful this story has been told. I needed to learn the truths of this terrible reality of the past, and I believe Isabella Muir has done a great service to the world and to those who suffered as a result by creating this novel.

All in all, I had to settle on 3 stars. Beautiful writing aside, the plot, the characters and the story, had promising beginnings but sadly didn’t fruition with what potential I was expecting.

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Brighton - 1987

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Isabella Muir is the author of a popular Agatha Christie style crime series, the Sussex Crime Mysteries, all set in the late 1960s, featuring librarian & amateur sleuth, Janie Juke, who is a fan of Christie's Poirot. Isabella started writing fiction after completing her MA in Professional Writing. view profile

Published on November 29, 2018

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