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The Flames of My Fathers


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A perilously intriguing journey that rips through the fabric of myth and history, unveiling a chaotically magical and intriguing reality.

This is an extremely powerful story that clings to the reader tightly, and refuses to let go. The narrative is highly immersive and the plot never ceases to unfold further and further. It could be argued, however, that the narrative never relents the pressure that it exerts upon the readers, leaving them with little leeway and time to ponder its developments.

The author compensates by exhibiting an extremely high mastery of literary expression and by creating characters that serve as vital keystones of the story. The narrative may be fast-paced, but the reader is masterfully swept along with it, led to guess and suspect aspects regarding the characters and the plot, rather than having them handed to him or her on an open plate.

The supernatural element is conveyed in an exquisite manner. Even though the story is based on various well-known mythological and fictitious concepts and landmarks, such as Atlantis, it still masterfully carves its own course and elevates its first-grade materials into something brand new.

Nevertheless, the feeling that a close reader may gather is that this story is merely a testament to the author's admiration of old religions, myths and conspiracy theories. Arguably, the choice of random, non-existent names and landmarks would enrich this literary endeavor.

It is important to note that the line between reality and fiction is successfully blurred, satisfying the tenets of magical realism. Even more so, it constantly feels like the characters shift from reality to fiction and vice versa, since their very everyday and natural dialogue, imbued with Irish or American, for example, accents and mannerisms, is constantly interrupted by the magical and stupendous proceedings of action that the story flaunts.

It does not often come to pass that a story of magical realism provokes the reader so much in terms of checking historical and religious facts and figures. This story is adept at that, however, and praise is due to the author that ushers the reader to check the Mexican-American war and other proceedings of the nineteenth century. This highly modernist urge that awakens within the reader is a very welcome fact indeed.

All in all, this book will not disappoint those who choose to read it. It flows beautifully, it is highly entertaining, and at times, very funny.

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Published on June 01, 2018

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