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The Family Tree: Finding Beauty in the Mess


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A beautiful weekly devotional that will draw your heart closer to home and to God’s unfailing love.

The Family Tree: Finding Beauty in the Mess” written by Susie Stephens is a collection of family stories that will tug at your heart and help you remember the things that matter most in life. Each chapter is not just a reflection about a relevant Bible verse but a full story that will invite you in like a new family member, introducing you to people who will seem new and very familiar at the same time.

Unlike other devotionals, this book focuses on reflections from the author’s wealth of personal experiences with her family. You’d be given the chance to follow her story since she was a child until she grows to have children and even grandchildren of her own. The stories will stay with you because they’re as real and as memorable as they could get. You will cry and laugh and feel nostalgic and warm all over, remembering your own family and friends, and the people that mattered most to you.

Reading each chapter is like reading from an episodic classic family novel. The descriptions, characters and settings are excellently written you can easily visualize yourself walking and talking with the author’s family members. I really love to read about the author’s experiences as a child. It was like going back in time, seeing the world when I was also so much younger than I am now.

I think that’s how it’s like when you think about eternity. It’s as though everything exists at the same time – the past, the future and the current moment where you are now. And in every moment, there is God and His grace and mercy. There is the Lord who provides for all of our needs and guides us, helping us to become the kind of person we should be.

This is a well-written book that can be recommended to all of those who may wish to continue growing spiritually. In our walk with God, we can use all the help we could get, and that includes this book, a tool we can use to reflect upon our lives.

Written in a simple and conversational tone, one can find assistance here as with a friend. Each lesson is further strengthened with reflections at the end of the chapter, providing the reader with questions, prayer suggestions as well as courses of action to take later on.

This is a book one must absorb slowly and meaningfully, fully reflecting upon relevant Bible verses and relying upon the God who never forsakes those who hope in Him. 

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Published on January 04, 2021

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