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The Eye of Ra


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This is a high caliber addition to libraries for middle grade readers.

John Tidewell has mixed emotions about the school year drawing to a close; while he is happy to have a break, he is not looking forward to his family’s impending move from Colorado to Maryland. His sister Sarah, however, is always looking for adventure and is excited about what the future holds. On a farewell family hike in their mountainous backyard, Sarah stumbles upon a secret that flings the two siblings across space and time to ancient Egypt, where they befriend the son of Imhotep, who is constructing the famous Saqqara pyramid. Not only must they find their way home,  but Sarah and John are also key witnesses to a criminal defacing the pyramid itself. Together, Sarah and John learn about family, friendship, and survival in the captivating land of ancient Egypt.

Well-written and action-packed, this book is an excellent selection for middle grade readers who enjoy historical fantasy. Though the idea of being transported through space and time—and being able to understand the people once there—is far-fetched, the author does a good job explaining away any questions and allowing the story to move forward. This book is an excellent transition from the Magic Treehouse series to Percy Jackson, and is especially interesting to readers who enjoy learning a bit of history through the lens of an engaging story. Sarah and John have a strong relationship, and the emotions they display are believable and recognizable. The speaker alternates between the two siblings, allowing the reader a deeper look into each one’s unique feelings. A recipe is a delightful addition to the end of the book to extend readers’ engagement once the story draws to a close. This is a high caliber addition to libraries for middle grade readers.

Grades 5-7

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