Thriller & Suspense

The Disappearance


This book will launch on Nov 25, 2020. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

Ashlynn is a woman in her thirties having the time of her life. She works for a great company in NY with her brother, Glen, and has two amazing friends in Kaden and Roman. Every year they go away on vacation. One year it was Mexico, another was Florida and last year was the Caribbean. But this year, Ashlynn takes them to her family’s cabin in Lake Minnetaha, WA.
It is the perfect place. Peaceful and quiet. There's a large forest to walk around, and a small town to go to for shopping and drinking. They couldn’t have asked for a better vacation spot.
But one day, Roman, Kaden, and Glen start leaving Ashlynn alone in the cabin. They continue to do so until they leave it for good. Ashlynn is distraught. She doesn’t understand why they left, so she decides to stay until they return. However, while waiting and searching for them, something else finds her.
With the help from her friend, Jack, she learns that she is not going insane. That whatever she saw was not a figment of her imagination. But what is it? Who is it?

August 31st

This day is always the saddest day of the year for me; it’s the last day of vacation. Tomorrow my brother Glen, my besties Roman and Kaden, and I resume work. Yes, we’ve been home for a couple of days now, but I’m still in vacation mode. I still feel like I’m in the Caribbean and I have the burn to prove it.

             Kaden and Roman came over mine and Glen’s apartment around six for dinner. After eating, I immediately asked, “So, who’s turn is it to choose for next year?”

             Kaden reacted, “Ash, we just got back. How about we go back to work first before we start planning our next vacation?”

             “True, but this is my favorite time of the year!” I exclaimed.

             Glen looked confused. “What’s the matter, bro?”

“I thought Halloween was your favorite time of the year?”

             I rolled my eyes. “Okay, so it’s Halloween first and our vacation a close second, but still. I’m ready for our next one.” I whined like a child.

             “Damn, Ash. You make it sound like you have the world’s worst job. Do we really make things that difficult for you?” Roman asked, sarcastically.

             I felt bad, even though I knew he was being his usual self, an asshole. “No, not at all. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love my job. I love working for Replay and I love working with you guys, but when all we do is work - breathing it, sweating it, and bleeding it – and I mean literally bleeding it. Do you remember the accident Glen had?”

             They all cringed and nodded their heads. Glen replied, “I still have the scar from that damn fall,” as he showed us his arm.

             About a year or two into working at Replay (an entertainment company based in New York) – so about three or four years ago now – Glen, who helps build all the sets, climbed a scaffolding, wasn’t paying attention, missed a step, and fell. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured. He walked away with some bumps, bruises, and a fractured arm. Our boss, Mr. Schneider agreed he was very lucky. He saw the whole thing happen and told me, “The way he fell, he could’ve banged his head onto the stage. He could’ve possibly died.”

             I retorted, “Yeah, well being the one to call home was no picnic. I have a mental scar from calling our parents and saying, ‘Hey, Mom. Hi, Dad. Um…don’t be alarmed, but Glen was in an accident.’ Mom freaked out and blamed me for not watching over you.”

Glen laughed so hard. “I thought that was great. I was the one not paying attention and you’re the one getting yelled at.”

             I sneered at him. “Yeah, having a baby brother is a pain in the ass because apparently you’re responsible for them, even when they’re turning thirty in like two years.”

             “Yeah, but who’s thirty already?”

             I growled, “Thanks for the reminder, jerk.”

             The boys laughed. I pointed to Roman and Kaden. “The both of you are older than me so shut it.”

             They immediately stopped laughing while I began. Roman remarked, “Yeah, but it’s only by a year, Ash.”

“I know, I just love busting your chops.” I got up to put dishes into the sink. I continued, “But I do love my job guys, it’s just the two-month break we get from July till September is so…magical.”

             Kaden agreed, “We do work ourselves over-time for this two-month break, so we definitely deserve it.” He thought for a second. “Well, Roman picked first. That’s when we went to Mexico.”

             Roman interrupted him, “Which reminds me, I need to get back there. I got a couple of girls waiting for me.”

             “And you wonder why I never dated you,” I stated.

             “What?! I’m irresistible, baby,” he said with a wink.

             I acted like I was about to vomit. Kaden continued, “Anyway, Glen was second and we went to Florida to visit your parents and this time I picked the Caribbean, so it looks like it’s your turn, Ash.”

             “Yes.” I jumped up and down, dancing around my kitchen like my favorite song just came on.

             “I’m guessing you know where you want to go,” Kaden chuckled.

             “Yup. I know the perfect place.”

About the author

Lisa Hodorovych is a Jersey girl, born and raised. She knew from an early age that she wanted to be an author when she grew up. When she's not writing or working, she's either watching movies/TV shows (she's a Godzilla fanatic), reading, or spending time with her family, friends, and husband. view profile

Published on September 26, 2020

Published by Serial Writer Productions

50000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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