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The Devil’s Game


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"The Devil's Game" is a fast-paced occult thriller that follows Michael as he discovers the reason behind his arcane gift with Roulette.

Roman Koidl presents a riveting premise in his debut novel The Devil's Game. Michael is in Las Vegas with his girlfriend Emma to celebrate her birthday, but he feels a lingering sense of foreboding he can't seem to shake. When Michael was a young boy, his father made Michael promise never to play Roulette. His father decided to use their seemingly unique gift playing Roulette, resulting in dire consequences, changing their lives forever. 

Michael knows he needs to make it through this trip for Emma's sake while avoiding playing Roulette. Before he knows it, he is at the Roulette table telling Emma the winning numbers, and they are winning big. The next morning Emma is dead, and an ancient and secret society is hunting Michael. With the help of the demonologist Amanda, Michael races to stop the forces of hell he set in motion with a simple casino game. 

The Devil's Game is a short book that moves a mile a minute, which keeps the entertainment factor up at the cost of the detail essential to establish the characters and settings. The majority of chapters are very short, making the reading experience feel disjointed with the few noticeably longer chapters. However, these two longer chapters are the highlight of the story. The author allows the space for adequate detail and dialogue and shows the potential this story could have.

One thing that bothered me in this story was the portrayal of the German owner of the occult shop they visit in Frankfurt. I felt disappointed by this character. Words are purposefully left out of his sentences, and the author's use of dialect borderlines towards being offensive. In contrast, only the French characters' accents get mentioned. 

Koidl takes a lot of inspiration from Dan Brown's writing, so fans of Dan Brown would probably like this book. The Devil's Game has the potential to be a great book but would benefit from more overall detail and more complex character development. The ending to The Devil's Game is also promising, and the story seems far from over. 

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About the author

Roman Koidl was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. He has held several jobs, including radio broadcaster, public relations agent and working at a law firm. Currently he lives in Los Angeles, CA. view profile

Published on March 31, 2020

30000 words

Genre: Action & Adventure

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