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The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance


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Vivid and engaging, author Lali A. Love has spun a magical web of intrigue.

Imagine you're trying to piece together a mystery of how an alien parasite nearly caused an extinction level event on your planet. You stumble across a journal written by a young woman named Jo who was a student at a private school. The journal tells you about her traumatic history, how her mother was taken hostage by a homicidal sociopath and the nightmares that plagued her ever since. You see through her eyes, watching as her schoolmates, one by one, are transformed into little more than sleepwalking zombies intent upon destroying the world.


The De-Coding of Jo: Hall of Ignorance takes you on that journey. It thrusts you into a captivating quandary and allows you to follow Jo as she seeks to unravel a galactic conundrum where magic and spirituality intertwine with algebraic principals and the bewildering perplexities of navigating human adolescence. This unique story invites you to press the "I Believe' button, while exploring the complexities of relationships and broadening your horizons of mystical understanding.  

The characters are compellingly realistic, each unique in their own right and relatable on many levels. Young Adult readers, as well as those of any age, will find familiar traits and remember similar situations as the story impels you along. Well, ok, maybe no one has ever actually faced off with a demonic parasite that turns your friends into troglodytes, but we can all relate to the awkwardness and confusion of teenage youth.

Vivid and engaging, author Lali A. Love has spun a magical web of intrigue that is sure to entice and entertain, while sneaking in just enough thought-provoking substance to make readers sit back and say, "Hmmm!"  

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Book Excellence Award, Global e-Book Gold Award, Readers Favorite Thriller Award. Lali A. Love expertly delivers complex characters and intricate worlds. The ease with which the stories are told is a reflection of the author’s talent in exercising fluent, powerful, & appropriate language. view profile

Published on August 01, 2020

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Coming of Age

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