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The Copper Mage


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A quick read that is a fun mash-up of fantasy, steampunk, and science-fiction

King Fingull, ruler of the elven planet of Sidhe, has a problem. His planet is infested with Redcaps, annoying, parasitic fungus-monsters that lay waste to entire planets if left to their own devices.

Trystle Eliazar Catchfire, Copper Mage of the fifth Degree and Keeper of the Unnumbered Doors, knows exactly how to exterminate the mushroom pests, so he travels across the Void to rid King Final of his problem.

Trystle was doing fine on his own, but then he ran into Caspar Tinbasket, a bumbling tinkerer dwarf from the planet Thergus Thor. As it turns out, however, there’s more to Caspar than meets the eye, and that’s exactly what Trystle needs.

The Copper Mage is a light-hearted mash-up of fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction with a quirky tone that left me feeling a bit bemused, in an entertaining way, and lifted my spirits. However, I have to recommend it with a caveat ‚Äď there are some grammatical and consistency errors. It‚Äôs a quick read, which surprised me, as I was expecting a novel but was able to finish it in one sitting, and it‚Äôs perfect for fans of humorous genre blends.

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The Copper Mage

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Adam Casalino is a writer and artist originally from Brooklyn, NY. He is the creator of webcomics The Wizard of Quippley and Potato Toaster. In addition to his fantasy fiction, he is an avid blogger and podcaster. view profile

Published on May 01, 2020

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