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Worth reading 😎

All in all, if you are a patient reader and love mysteries, this is the book for you!

The story starts off at school with the disappearance of Trisha McAllister, a transfer teacher at P.S. 21. Deanna Anastas, her best friend and the daughter of the Principal, seems to be the only one worried about her. At this point, the story seems a little rushed, and the plot is confusing. But don’t give up, it gets better.

The characters are not very well-developed in the beginning, but we gradually get to know more of them in the following chapters. As the book continues, the story gets more intriguing, making you flip the pages faster. Something new is revealed in every chapter, and the mystery grows yet more complex.

As the story goes on, we’re treated to little snippets of background to each character’s life – something I love reading. Finally, after a few chapters, you get fully absorbed in the story, connecting the dots. At this point, my reaction to the story was mostly whoa. Things begin to fall together to create a beautiful, unsolvable mystery.

The story gets a little darker and more exciting at around the middle of the book. The plot thickens and danger increases manifold. Secrets are being rapidly unraveled by Deanna along with her fiance, Jared, a teacher who works at the same school. Clues are found, evidence is gathered, and the mystery is one step closer to being solved, only to take two steps back.

And now comes the best part. We’re given a parallel between two worlds – two time periods, with two different sets of people. This is what made me really like this book. Traveling between the two worlds is exhilarating,

watching simultaneous developments in both of them, as the characters get closer to solving the mystery. Red herrings abound and evidence is gathered and lost, as both, the protagonists and the antagonists get nearer to their goals. Tensions are running high, and now the book is unputdownable.

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Sean Oliver’s first thriller, Sophie’s Journal, was released in 2018, followed by The Consultant in 2019. Sean has also written three non-fiction books and has worked in film and television for twenty-five years with over 100 credits on major motion pictures and TV series. He lives in New Jersey. view profile

Published on March 11, 2019

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