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Why would your entire school want you dead?

Things at P.S. 21 haven't been the same since that Albrecht guy started doing professional development workshops in their building. Now Deanna's best friend is missing without a trace and it seems she's the only one who can get to the bottom of the young teacher's disappearance.

Deanna knows with everything in her being that her school was responsible for her friend's fate. She is determined to solve it even if it means accepting that those closest to her are planning some unspeakable acts. Will she be able to stop them before they carry out their ultimate mission?


Just when you thought you knew the person in the classroom next to you...the consultant arrives.

Hudson County Dispatch

March 21, 2019

No Progress in Search for Missing Carson Teacher

By Noel Medina

CARSON POLICE OFFICIALS have confirmed that there have been no credible leads to date in their investigation into a missing Carson public school teacher. Eight weeks ago, 30 year-old Trisha McAllister, an elementary school teacher at P.S. 21, was reported missing by her family after having not heard from her for several days.

Carson Public Schools officials confirmed to authorities that she had also been absent from school without contact for that duration. After interviews with family and friends, police placed McAllister on the missing persons list. Since then, officials have pursued several tips with no results. On January 30, police announced there was a $5,000 reward being offered for information leading to a resolution.

Carson police chief Reginald Abernathy said police were certain the tips received to date were not credible.

“The handful of calls we did get were likely spurred by the announcement of the reward,” he said. “Detectives worked every call, as we always do, and they were all proven to be without merit.”

McAllister was transferred to P.S. 21 in January, where co-workers described her as helpful and enthusiastic.

“I could always count on her for help in the classroom, and even just a smile when I needed one,” said Grace Pappas, a grade-level partner. “She is missed and we are all hoping for the best.”

Carson Public Schools attorney, Lisa Baines, offered a statement Thursday stating, “We offer thoughts and prayers to Ms. McAllister’s friends and family and will continue to comply with investigators in any way possible to expedite her safe return.”

Anyone with information regarding the disappearance is encouraged to contact Carson Police at the number on the flyer below.

DEANNA CLOSED THE teachers’ room copy of The Dispatch and slammed it into the garbage can. Two damn months. And nothing.

Deanna stood alone in the room for a moment before heading to the door and back out to the hallway. This brew of anger and grief alternately swelled and subsided a hundred times a day since Trisha was gone. Deanna would wait for the tide to pull this feeling back out to sea.

Every article and newscast about Trisha used that same picture of her—smiling, bright eyed, taken at her thirtieth birthday party. It so captured Trisha’s essence. She was forever in blossom. Her glow was a calling card, her innocence beyond charming.

Two months. Each day of the eight weeks shone a spotlight on those qualities and grabbed at Deanna’s throat. There was simply the feeling of missing a person, in that selfish way. But Deanna was aware of the effects of Trisha’s absence in a larger sense. The world was, at that very moment, just a worse place because she wasn’t around.

Deanna knew she should get back to her class. She should yet again tug herself back into those hallways that did nothing but remind her of Trisha, and spend her day trying not to be reminded of Trisha. Though she didn’t move. She was in a building she didn’t know anymore, and not just because it was without Trisha’s light.

When was it? When was the very first time Deanna saw something amiss? When did this nightmare start?

Trisha started at P.S. 21 just after Christmas break ended, right after New Year’s Day. She was excited about her transfer to Deanna’s school. Things should have been great. But they hadn’t been since that morning Deanna woke up alone back on January 2nd.

About the author

Sean Oliver’s first thriller, Sophie’s Journal, was released in 2018, followed by The Consultant in 2019. Sean has also written three non-fiction books and has worked in film and television for twenty-five years with over 100 credits on major motion pictures and TV series. He lives in New Jersey. view profile

Published on March 11, 2019

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