The Condemner


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When Darkness threatens to overtake the entire world, will the Light be enough to banish it? And for how long?

Some say that the Gods created humans for their own entertainment. Others think that their existence would be meaningless without us to worship and abide by their rules.

Between divinity and humanity, the Guardian of Darkness seeks his own entertainment. He wants to provoke the gods and bring chaos into our world. To achieve that, he's been observing our kind from the shadows and has set his eyes on Raesha, the most powerful woman.

The Condemner shows just how easily darkness corrupts everything, be it noble intentions, good nature, purity of heart. Nothing is black and white, the world is a giant grey sea where light and darkness intertwine in their fight for supremacy.

M.C. Glan sketches intriguing characters and emphasizes their flaws, shattered dreams and the pressure of committing to a predefined fate. 

Raesha and the Guardian of Darkness are by far the main attraction and symbolize the classic attraction of opposites. Their magnetic bond lingers even after a decade and it's perilous, decadent, deceiving.

The other characters pale in comparison to them, even though they appear more often in the book and Ryan, in particular, seemed a bit lackluster. It inspired a bit of empathy at times and his powers were interesting but other than that, it felt as if he was missing something.

The Condemner's world is dominated by geopolitics and a constant thirst for power. It's challenging to keep track of everything that happened since its history spans across time and there's always something happening in the background.

The author doesn't ease you into this universe and rather throws bits of history and mythology here and there, letting you build the bigger picture as you read.

I'd have loved to see more emphasis on the Dark Guardian and Raesha instead of Ryan, but this is just a matter of personal taste.

A decent read with an interesting universe, magnetic characters, and a promising ending. 

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Mari lives and works in northern Canada. When she's not writing in her spare time, she's cozied up with her partner and poet, Alvin, and their dog, Pixie, watching movies. The movie Legend was what began her fascination in writing about the complexities of the powers between light and dark. view profile

Published on August 15, 2019

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