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The Compassionate Neighbor


Loved it! 😍

Shows how friendship can form when you show interest in someone else's life with little to no benefit to be gained from the friendship.

The Compassionate Neighbor by Shannon Barnett is a religious narrative, following a couple who find out that they have Muslim neighbors, and it is also a story about how these neighbors connect. It's short, so it doesn't take that long to read, and is well-written.

What I Liked: I appreciate that The Compassionate Neighbor is short. It gives the reader an opportunity to stop and reflect on the larger point of the story, which is about what it means to be compassionate to people who are different than you. It is well-written and a thoughtful critique of neighborly kindness.

What I Didn't Care For: I was a little thrown off by the block paragraph style. As a reader, I love paragraphs and very clear separation of conversations. The Compassionate Neighbor was a struggle for me because I would very quickly lose my place while reading.

Why You Should Read: The Compassionate Neighbor really is about being compassionate, not as a form of proselytizing, which is how a lot of religious people use it, but as a daily discipline to being kind and caring for everyone because they are all just as much a part of your sphere of influence as those who completely agree with you. The Compassionate Neighbor shows well the friendship that can form when you show interest in someone else's life with no larger context or benefit to be gained from the friendship.

This should be on everyone's reading list, because it gives you the opportunity to learn from someone who is not you or who shares your religious beliefs. I really liked the story and thought that it was engaging, even with the minor problem of not really enjoying the text format for The Compassionate Neighbor. I look forward to reading more from Shannon Barnett and hope that others find her work to be just as engaging.

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Shannon Barnett lives in Tampa Florida with her husband and kids. She enjoys reading, taking hiking trails, and camping. Her passion is to make a positive impact in the lives of others, and to help women to succeed and accomplish their goals. view profile

Published on January 08, 2020

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