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The Chains of Desire


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Every child dreams of becoming famous, but no one dreams of being murdered in front of their one true love.

Dreams of being famous, are every young talented kids dreams. For Robin Gates, it was a way out from the life with her mother who had a different approach to raising her kids than Robin's father, who just so happened to be a drug dealer. At twelve years old, everyone could spot her talent, even the waitress Ada who worked with Robin's mother at the local bar. What no one could have imagined was for all that talent to go to waste as Robin was to be murdered in 2006 in the arms of her one true love, Hannah Hamilton, otherwise known as Ashley Silver. However, it was only 1990. With this newfound knowledge, Robin would continue to live her life the way she wanted, counting down the days until the bitter end.

To be quite honest, I was really having a hard time following the concept of the storyline as it seemed to jump from one extreme to the next without really giving the reader a chance to process what happened. When Robin and Ashley find themselves dating each others' brother, there seems to be some unspoken chemistry between the two. It's not until later on in life, that they decide to act on this connection in a random moment of attraction. Even the acts of flirtatiousness make you wonder what is going on, and why are they not together? Maybe this was a tactic, so I won't be so harsh about it.

There were, in fact, some parts of the storyline that was more engaging than others. But with Robin unable to control her own destiny, what could be more exciting than a rock star diving for too many fish in the sea at once? Well that is what you will have to find out. Believe me when I tell you, nothing can prepare you for the journey that is Robin and Ashley's tangled life. Not even me.

Although I am not much of a Magical Realism fan, I do find this book to be very interesting. Don't get me wrong, it may have it's flaws, but you'll get hooked just by wanting to know more about how Robin's life will come to a close and who will be the brave soul to murder such a fractured heart. I know I did.

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E. Christopher Clark is the author of the Stains of Time series, a family saga with elements of time travel and magical realism. A graduate of Lesley University’s MFA in Creative Writing program, he lives in Massachusetts with his wife and daughters. view profile

Published on October 06, 2020

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