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The Cancer Machine


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What would you do if you're told that you're going to find the cure for cancer, no matter what? Anton was willing to do anything.

"The Cancer Machine" is a thrilling novel that takes us on a journey through the discoveries and research done by Dr. V.T. Roberti and Anton Tresher, in their eager pursuit to find the cure for cancer. In the kind of society we currently live in where finding a vaccine is the most important thing to do to ensure the survival of humanity, this novel appeals to both our current feelings, and the lingering sentimentality regarding cancer and it's ravaging, devastating effect on people's lives. Cancer is sometimes referred to as a dragon, something big and intimidating, and that notion is still present in this novel. This is easily shown by V.T. and Anton's eagerness to discover a cure.

With the discovery of a town that was virtually free of cancer, of course research would be needed, and who would Anton Tresher be to say no? The solution seems almost too simple at first, so surely there there must be a catch, right? The moral issues, ethical issues, the trials and tribulation of family relations, friends, enemies, and lovers alike makes this novel an intriguing read. Sprinkle in some glimpses of the medical world and you have a novel well worth your time. Anton Tresher is a relatable character, and you will be eager to turn the pages to find out how is story unfolds, for good and for worse.

"The Cancer Machine" is one of those novels that you pick up because the title ignites a small spark of interest within you, and before you know it, you have lost yourself within the pages. After reading the first few chapters, I was already hooked on the story and very eager to see how the story eventually plays out. Dr. Petteruti has created an engaging little universe confined within these pages, and I'm happy to have dedicated time to experience this story myself.

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Dr. Stephen Petteruti channels his own experiences with the medical establishment into a bitterly realistic thriller about corporate avarice and moral failings. He has been practicing medicine for 30 years with an emphasis on functional and alternative care. view profile

Published on September 27, 2020

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