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The Button and the Bean


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A fun story about two best friends and how their strong bond is the reason for their success in escaping a dangerous situation together!

The Button and the Bean is a book which introduces us to two fun characters who are a Button and a Bean and are the very best of friends, who accept each other despite their differences! They love spending time with each other engaging in different activities, especially having an affinity towards activities beginning with the alphabet 'B'. 

Although Bean and Button do have their bad days where they fight with each other, they always make amends in the end, staying friends forever. One day, after having a fun-filled day with different activities including bowling and visiting the zoo, Bean and Button get hungry and visit a restaurant for lunch. There they encounter a big disaster which causes Bean to fall into danger! We then see how Button comes to the rescue for Bean and saves Bean with the help of all her button friends. The saving of Bean is hilarious and comical which will definitely be an enjoyable read for children! 

This sweet little picture book is ideal for pre-school to middle-grade children, to teach them about the importance and meaning of friendship and being there for friends in need. The rhymes in this book are abundant, good and catchy. The book introduces us to many words beginning with the alphabet 'B'. This can also be a great book for early readers, to help them in improving their vocabulary and learn new words beginning with the letter 'B'. The illustrations were funny and whimsical, which made the book enjoyable! 


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The Button and the Bean is a modern Fairy Tale of two distinctly different folk who share fun, friendship, activities and adversity.

Having a fondness for anything beginning with the letter 'B' can they escape danger when their good times are threatened?

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Julian Hilton lives beside the seaside in the magical county of Devon, England. Born in Liverpool in 1969, England, the same week Get Back was in the charts, Can't write songs. Likes writing children's stories, draws a bit. Loves possibilities. view profile

Published on October 15, 2021

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