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The Budanest


Loved it! 😍

Perfect for first-time fathers or fathers-to-be, this laugh-out memoir will put you in the middle of each delightfully awkward scene.

Gareth Hutchins is a blogger and writer from the UK and decides with his Hungarian wife to move to Budapest in preparation for the arrival of their first child. Now in a foreign city and barely speaking the language, Hutchins takes the reader almost day-to-day through his adventures. As one could imagine, things don't go so smoothly as this new father-to-be tries to navigate his new surroundings.

If you are not previously familiar with Hutchins, through his conversational style of storytelling, you will quickly feel like you've known him for ages. Written in a diary format, Hutchins made me laugh-out loud with each ridiculous scenario in which he found himself. While I didn't understand many of the references he made to some television shows or famous Brits, I could definitely relate with him or his wife in many a story. His witty and sarcastic sense of humor is a breath of fresh air especially when it comes to the topic of parenthood. He made me want to keep turning the page to read the next episode in the epic that was the first year in Eastern Europe.

For fans of other bloggers and humorists such as Jenny Lawson, Allie Brosh, David Sedaris and Jen Mann, this book will be right up your alley. You'll get a lot of laughs and some heartwarming bonding between father and daughter. The interactions between Hutchins and his wife are hilarious and perfectly snarky. If you need a lighthearted jaunt of a tale with loads of smart (and loads of not-so-smart) humor, look no further than "The Budanest" by Gareth Hutchins. Hey, you might even pick up a few Hungarian phrases along the way....just be careful and speak with caution as you may find yourself also leaving a salon in Budapest with hair like a cockatoo.

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After spending the best part of two decades working in the advertising industry in London, Gareth gave it all up to pursue his writing dreams. He's now a published author, professional screenwriter and chronically tired dad, living in London (and sometimes Budapest). view profile

Published on November 01, 2019

Published by Ferocious Publishing

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Humor & Comedy

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