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The Bartender's Pride


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A playful and exciting romp in the world of lesbian sex with empathetic characters and a fun paranormal overarching story.

The Bartender’s Pride, by TJ Dallas, is an excellent addition to the LGBTQ+ genre of fiction. It begins with the story of Lara, a young woman who is down on her luck and looking for a new job. Her boyfriend recently cheated on her and left her for another woman. It feels like her last chance when she applies for a job as a bartender at the club called The Cardinal and to her delight, she’s hired. The only problem is that it’s a gay club. Her parents are extremely homophobic, and Lara herself harbors minor traces of homophobia as well. It’s clear that Lara is less than enthusiastic about being around people who are queer. At first. After meeting her new boss and fellow coworkers, she begins to embrace the LGBTQ scene and overcomes her own prejudices and feelings of confusion about herself possibly being a lesbian. There’s also a paranormal twist to the story as well, as we learn that the Seven Deadly Sins are alive and fully fleshed people. There’s also some telepathic communication involved as well. This is erotica, so there are numerous sex scenes within the narrative. The variety is fantastic and there is really something for everyone here in terms of sexual preference: butch/femme, butch/butch, dominance/submission, a bit of BDSM, multiple partners, etc.

“You’re a proud lesbian now, remember? A little embarrassment is fine, but avid shame and humiliation won’t get us anywhere.”

One of the best aspects of this novel is that while it is absolutely within the LGBTQ+ and erotica genres, it also delves into other genres as well, such as urban fantasy and literary fiction. While the majority of the story revolves around the many sexual encounters of the characters, a good portion is also devoted to Lara’s personal conflict in terms of understanding and then becoming who she is meant to be. It’s interesting that Lara starts out being slightly homophobic, most likely due to her parental upbringing and her own fear of her desires. It was really gratifying to see her shed those antiquated judgments and really embrace the lesbian lifestyle. It made the story and the characters feel so much more real. The writing was really engaging, and I found myself really caring about the various characters, which is sometimes not the case for me when it comes to erotica. The narrative changes between characters in each section of the book, which is fantastic because it allows the reader to experience the story from different angles.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun lesbian romp of a book. The story is fantastic, the characters fully realized, and the sex is steamy and exciting.

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TJ Dallas is a UK author. Qualified in bartending and mixology, TJ has managed various pubs and nightclubs through the years. When she’s not working, she’s reading lesbian fiction or writing her own. view profile

Published on November 15, 2019

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