The Bahawre Secret


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Lithe and lively action as humans and dragons chart a course for "home."

Buckle up for high adventure and plenty of action in this lively fantasy about dragons, humans, friendship, loyalty, and true love.

Are humans evil? Are dragons evil? Maybe the two have more in common than we think. These questions hovers over this eminently enjoyable fantasy novel and fast read.

Dual stories run parallel throughout the pages of this briskly paced story: 1) A ship headed into The Forbidden Zone in search of a lost regent with Zillean King Geoffrey aboard, and 2) The trials and travails of Queen Emma as she runs the kingdom in Geoffrey’s absence and matches wits with palace enemies.

Indeed, treachery is afoot in the Zillean palace as conspiracies rage. Who’s poisoning pregnant ladies in the palace, and why? Why is one dragon looking for another? Why is the second dragon avoiding the first? What about sea serpents? Dragonwort? An island that shouldn’t exist?

There’s a little bit of everything in this novel: Fire-breathing dragons. A ship caught in a dense, uncharted mist. A death match and a dragon master. A volcano. Thundering battles. Romance. Longing. Assassination attempts. Spies. Palace intrigue. Family. Love. Longing and belonging. “A woman is a mystery. Even when she’s a dragon.”

The text could benefit from additional editorial attention (“here/here” and “quite/quiet,” etc.) We’re also left to wonder why someone’s trying to poison Queen Emma. Loose ends left dangling. Additionally, a map of the geography in which this story unfolds would be helpful in keeping islands, kingdoms, and volcanoes straight, ye land lubbers!

The Bahawre Secret is the fourth and final book in the Legends of Aeo series. If one is familiar with prior installments, they will most likely understand and thoroughly enjoy this story. They will also be able to follow the different motivations of and relationships between primary characters. Coming late to the party may pose a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

Indeed, The Bahawre Secret is an innovative, original story rich with intense imagination, clever creativity, and whimsical wit. The prose is nimble and descriptions are vivid. An enjoyable read overall.

This action/adventure fantasy novel will appeal to middle schoolers and anyone who’s ever wanted to know if thar be dragons here.

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Published on November 04, 2020

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