The Apartment


Must read 🏆

An impeccable sense of vulnerability was felt while reading this one, followed by a sense of feeling that I had to do something!

The Apartment is a post-apocalyptic novella written by William Denomme. At 15 pdf pages, I easily read this one in one sitting, though I felt myself craving for more long after the story finished.

The main character in the story has already suffered unimaginable loss, but not at the hands of what you might imagine from the synopsis. After a failed suicide attempt, his girlfriend is no longer able to cope with his depressive mania and has to leave for her own good. His roommate and friend is shell-shocked beyond belief at his manic actions and flees after encountering one of the worst instances. Despite his previous ailments, the main character chooses to battle his illnesses alone and is seeming to succeed, that is, until he suddenly discovers that there is a world-wide pandemic spreading, with zombie creatures filling the streets and taking the lives of any and all.

The Apartment was a rather dark read, but one that I found myself completely engaged in despite it’s short duration. The sense of helplessness that filled me while reading of his own personal struggles, but also the struggles of possibly being one of the last survivors was overwhelming. His pain is palpable and raw, though he’s experienced so much darkness in his mind that this couldn’t possibly be the way his story ends... right?

Highly rated as a must-read from me, coming in with a rating of 5 stars, The Apartment is engaging and fully grabbed my attention from the first sentence. I found myself rooting for him, hoping against all odds that his desire to survive his illness and overpower the undead would prevail in a way to allow his story to continue as some part of a sense of victory. Even with high praise, I feel like I’m only grasping at the seams of the power this short story can have over readers and hope others will enjoy it as much as I have.

Due to the graphic depictions and dark themes expressed within the story, I’m giving a reader’s discretion that the story should only be read by mature readers. Trigger warning include subject matter such as suicide and self-harm, explicit gore depiction and severe episodes of mania.

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Award-winning forensic psychology PhD candidate. When not analyzing complicated datasets on mental illness in today's society, I am constantly thinking of new ways to communicate the struggles of mental illness to the world through its fusion with the powerful genres in the literature. view profile

Published on July 27, 2020

5000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Horror

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