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The Alchemy of Noise


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An entertaining while scathing commentary about race relations in America.

An entertaining while scathing commentary about race relations in America.


Sidonie Frame is the manager one of Chicago’s buzziest small concert and event venues. When her sound manager goes AWOL along with essential equipment she has her assistant bring in another company to fill in temporarily. Chris Hawkins is owner of Sound Alchemy and immediately he and Sidonie have a connection.

Author Lorraine Devon Wilke tells the story from two points of view and establishes her protagonists as equals in regards to education, income and aspirations. The only difference, other than gender, is that Chris is black and Sidonie’s white.

Temporary work becomes permanent and friendship turns to love for Chris and Sid. The last thing they think about is the colour of each other’s skin, but that’s not the case for some friends and family members. This is upsetting for Sidonie, but not surprising and she’s prepared to deal with it. What she isn’t prepared for or incapable of handling is the reality of a black man living in America. Here’s how Wilke has her character, Sidonie, express it.

“What I didn’t know then is that by falling in love with you I would be stepping from my world into yours. Or maybe, more accurately, straddling both. I didn’t know that because I didn’t fully realize there were two worlds, two really distinct worlds with different sets of rules ...”

The Alchemy of Noise is an entertaining love story and so much more. The author’s take on inherent and systemic racism, something her characters are challenged with daily, sounds authentic and credible. In that regard, it is an important book that deserves a larger audience.

The book itself is a pleasure to read with believable dialogue, fully developed characters and exceptionally good diction, something that’s becoming increasingly rare. The plot is well-crafted and try as I might I couldn’t find one scene that didn’t develop character or advance the plot, or both.

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Rod Raglin is a Canadian journalist, photographer, facilitator of creative writing circles, and author of 12 self-published novels, 2 plays and a collection of short stories. His fiction deals with contemporary themes underscored with subplots that address different major environmental issues.

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Devon Wilke’s resume includes over a decade as a contributor to HuffPost, other media sites. Two previous novels, After the Sucker Punch and Hysterical Love, are available at Amazon, B&N, and select bookstores; her latest novel, The Alchemy of Noise (She Write Press 2019) is available everywhere. view profile

Published on April 09, 2019

Published by She Writes Press

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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