The Adventures of Mr. Brightside


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Worth reading 😎

Enjoy a trip around the world with a funny, lively narrator who takes you with him through mishaps and encounters over a 12 month period.

If you are expecting Ryan Jacobson’s book to be an authoritative travel guide, you will be sorely disappointed.

However, if you want a travelogue that is upbeat, witty and full of stories from various parts of the world, detailing the escapades of a thirty-something man with a penchant for exploring, ending up swindled, embarrassed, or injured, then this is very much the book for you.

This book made me laugh out loud at times. Jacobson’s style is honest and forthright and the way that he describes what happens to him is full of anecdotes and humour.

There are a variety of people introduced in this book, some of them those he encounters along the way like fellow travellers, taxi drivers or hat sellers as a selection, and some of them being his friends who have chosen to join him on his adventures.

There is some tourist advice in here, which you glean mainly from reading about what Jacobson does and vowing that you will never, ever put yourself in that situation; he is widely travelled so the places that I have discovered from reading this book are as varied as small villages in Albania to the orange sand dunes of the Sahara to the humid depths of the jungle in Sri Lanka.

The idea of the three tier travel experience was one I quite liked although none of them seem to win out as the preferred option as Jacobson seems to be a man who loves to travel and as long as there are people, the chance to have an alcoholic beverage and nothing too challenging with which to contend, then life on the perpetual global road is good. If you are expecting analysis of which level of travel experience is better, these chapters are about what happens to him, not an evaluation. Sometimes, it felt a little repetitive, maybe because of the way the book is structured.

One thing that I would advise is that, for me, the book would have been easier to read had its format been tighter and in that I mean physically, on the page as it would have given it a more professional look. It may have been a stylistic choice by the author due to the nature of it being a journal written on the move perhaps. Some typos, spelling mistakes and inconsistencies also distracted me but not enough to inhibit my read.

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Ryan Jacobson is a middle school English teacher from Westerly, RI. In 2018 he decided to take a year off and travel around the world. His book, The Adventures of Mr. Brightside became a best-seller on multiple travel related Amazon lists. He has been to 38 countries and counting. view profile

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