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The ABCs of Paradise Found


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A resplendent book that dazzles with words, colors, and the nostalgia of sun and sand where love blossoms in lazy afternoons.

The ABCs of Paradise Found is a mesmerizing work of creativity and art that deserves to be on the bookshelf of every connoisseur of all things fascinating. An award-winning journalist, Karen Toulon, and her partner, artist Eric Rhinehart, collaborate on an exquisite collection of words and watercolors. They delicately tiptoe around each other in a waltz of absolute delight, the colors, and brushstrokes in complete harmony with the theme and words. The narration, in its simplicity, tugs warmly at the strings of your heart. The paintings, in their sheer brilliance, pull you into a meditative state of blissful appreciation.

The writer evokes the culture, landscape, cuisine, and society of the French Caribbean islands. We see a relationship blossom between two people as they explore the culture of the Caribbeans and each other. As their awareness of the richness around them and their fondness for each other grow, Karen sketches with words, "You pretend to patiently wait while I select the perfect basket to add to my collection." Eric complements such imagery with equally glorious artwork.

Each painting draws out the beauty of all Eric saw and felt. The colors spill out in absolute delight and fascination. The stories are pleasant, humorous, and even cover the supernatural myths of the land. You can almost taste the delicacies, and the fruits, dress up for the fete, or roam the old market. When you free yourself from the grip of the words, the colors enrapture.

This talent-laden exposition is a perfect gift or a coffee-table book to possess and cherish. This resplendent book has magical powers to bring the sea and the sand to you. The microstories are pure nostalgia and an ode to memories of cherished companionship. From the book jacket to the advanced praise, acknowledgment, and introduction, every piece speaks to the fantastic treasures in this book. Don't miss a word, don't skip the art. Savor this book, in whole or in part, several times. 

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The ABCs of Paradise Found -
a chance encounter that turns into an exploration of love, culture and history set in the Caribbean.

Award-winning journalist Karen Amanda Toulon and her artist husband Eric Rhinehart have teamed up on their first literary collaboration.

Part grownup fairytale-part travelogue, The ABCs of Paradise Found introduces two people who meet on a Caribbean island and reveal truths about themselves while discovering the island’s rich history and modern culture.

Published by Wordeee - a women/minority founded publishing platform - and featuring a forward by Amb. Andrew Young, The ABCs of Paradise Found has received advance praise from noteworthy voices from the arts, literature, culture and film.

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Karen Amanda Toulon is an award-winning multi-platform business, economics and cultural journalist and host. She has worked with Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC and CBS Radio. Born in London and raised in NY, Karen graduated from Dartmouth College and Columbia U. Graduate School of Journalism.  view profile

Published on December 02, 2021

Published by Wordeee

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