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Temple of the Mermaid


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Readers will be taken on a long and eventful ride through a different world with Schumann's Temple of the Mermaid.

How do you become a mermaid? What are the steps that one would have to go through to become a full-fledged one-legger with fins of course? What other types of biologically challenging concepts do mermaids face? All of these are fascinating questions, but none of them would have ever been asked if Joy had never met Ethel, the little girl ghost who died in a movie theater. Readers will be taken on a long and eventful ride through a different world with Schumann's Temple of the Mermaid.

Joy is just your average thrasher, metal gal who likes to frequent night clubs with her two best friends. Besides the fact that she can see ghosts, everything else is pretty Plain Jane in her life. When she sees Ethel and learns more about how this poor little girl died, Joy is pulled out of her own world by a pair of little girl shoes and into an underwater oasis, full of merfolk and creepy sea monsters. The tentacle that transported her into this underwater realm has all but disappeared, leaving her to face the depths alone as a naiad stowaway. As if working in a cheese factory in the real world wasn't bad enough, she is again put to work as a roller girl, crushing energy cans with the other roller girls. But, Naiads are by far the most sought after ladies in the temple, so maybe a merman will snatch her up pretty quick. Or, maybe she can convince her naiad friends to help her escape this reality back to her own. All bets are off once they hit market, as if Joy didn't already think that her crazy-odometer could have been spiked enough. In this adventure, will Joy ever find her way back to her two human friends and are they even looking for her anymore? What a story to tell if she ever did make it back.

Schumann has quite the adventure with this story, but there is just too much going on all at once. Joy can see ghosts and then she is dropped into an underwater temple with mermaids and there is much, much, more. All of this information would have probably been better off split into smaller stories and explained more in depth as to not confuse the reader. This story has an overall feel of being thrown together and not well-thought out. While there are several grammatical and spelling errors, this is an advanced reader copy that was provided and hopefully will have these inconsistencies edited out before final publish. If you are a reader of fantasy and satire, you may enjoy this read. Temple of the Mermaid Book One: The Naiad's Necklace, Rumschpringa, and the Great Outdoors is the first novel in the epic Temple of the Mermaid fantasy series; therefore, readers can jump right in.

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a three-star rating to Temple of the Mermaid by Matthew Schumann.

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Matthew Schuman is a lifelong Wisconsin resident. His hometown is La Crosse, Wisconsin; his second hometown is Madison, Wisconsin; his third hometown is Bozeman, Montana: and he dearly loves traveling Interstate 90 & 94 back and forth between these places. view profile

Published on April 07, 2020

Published by New Book Authors

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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