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Worth reading 😎

Every time a bell rings, Carl Jung gets his wings. If you like metaphysical fiction, you'll enjoy this book.

I was drawn to Synchronicity because I want to learn more about Jung and I love a supernatural tale. If you are of a like mind, the book is worth your time – especially if you appreciate a good plot twist. 

The majority of this novel entertained and engaged me. I mean, God and Jung -what's not to love? The excellent dialogue between the two of them creates strong opening chapters, although later in the book the Jung-speak is over my head. Perhaps that wouldn't be the case for those who are well-versed in Jungian terminology.  The Travis character is consistently relatable and likable. The Skinwalker is nicely portrayed as well. I can't focus on large expanses of introspective prose so I had to skim much of the Skinwalker's voice. This is reader preference, not author deficiency.

The author tends to generalize about specific "types" of groups, as evidenced when Travis decries the habits of 23-year-old office workers. Since Travis is 24, his opinion does not ring true, which would point to the author's personal opinions sneaking onto the page. It's jolting to have a condemnation of Gen X or Y dropped into the middle of a paragraph. Mr. Yates also uses cliche Boomer characteristics to introduce the Rhoads character. Mr. Rhoads seems one-dimensional as a result. I'd like to know more about Rhoads; maybe he'll show up in the next book in the series.

Despite the above, when I got close to the end of the book I was blown away by the cleverness of a surprise plot twist, and delighted by the elegance of the language and dialogue used to conclude the God/Jung encounter. The two chapters that comprise the plot twist (which is less twist and more epiphany) pull the whole story together; they deserve five stars.

On a more personal note, I was startled by Synchronicity's relevance in my own life. The book introduces a Jungian concept (no spoilers) that I first encountered in the last book I reviewed. That book is completely unrelated, and the concept is important for me right now, personally and professionally. What a coincidence to bump into it a second time!

That, my friend, is synchronicity. Read the book and get some of that sweet, sweet synchronicity for yourself.

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Tyler J. Yates is the pen name of a financial services pro living in the greater Rocky Mountain region with his wife and daughter. First published at age 5, he took a 40-year hiatus to recover and hone his craft. You'll now find him writing in his basement most days, making up for lost time. view profile

Published on October 31, 2019

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