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Summer Danger: A Gil Leduc Mystery


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Seventeen year-old Gil Leduc returns to France after a four-year absence. He hopes for a quiet vacation on the beaches of Royan, France, a small city along the Atlantic Coast. While on his way there, he meets a suspicious lady on the train and reads about an American student gone missing in the city. Later he stumbles on the student's dead body. He offers to help the police, but is told not to interfere in the investigation. He leads a investigation of his own with the help of his cousin and his girlfriend. This leads him into a deadly cocaine ring. In the process Gil has attempts on his life.


"I can help you with your luggage," said Gil Leduc as he boarded the bullet train at Gare Montparnasse in Tours, France.

He was relieved to be be back in his native country after a four-year absence. Homesick didn't begin to describe what he felt while he was away. No place on earth could compare to France.

The seventeen year-old followed an elderly lady in a long, light blue coat onto the train.

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I am the author of the young adult mysteries: Under the Blood, The Purity Ring Murders and Summer Danger. I studied in Tours, France. I live in North Tonawanda, New York with my wife Lisa. view profile

Published on December 22, 2020

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Genre: Young Adult