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If you are looking for an intricate high fantasy set in a world where both religion and magic live, then I suggest you give Sufferborn a try

Sufferborn is the story of elves and humans, how they live, and what happens when their worlds overlap. We start off in the past where Orinleah has just given birth and Daghahen is found by his brother. We learn Orinleah gives the boy a name that is banned from most of the tribes, Dorhen, meaning 'stranger'. Apparently, it means his life will not be long but be very arduous. Why she names him this isn't exactly clear as she seems so happy about it.

The pacing of this book is overall very slow. There are moments when it picks up but then it slows down again. This is good in the majority of the cases as there is always a lot going on, so it gives you time to grasp the situation as well as learning more about the characters. I would say that personally I would have found chapter headings to be helpful, just so I could find out who was talking and when, but that's probably just me.

And there are a LOT of characters too! The main ones end up being Daghahen, Dorhen, and Kalea, but trust me when I say there is a whole caboodle of characters there that will draw your attention. In fact, even in the last few chapters, you are introduced to new characters to take into book two with you.

With the slow pace and the amount of characters, it comes as no surprise this is a long book, typical of Fantasy. I wouldn't call it a Fantasy Romance as I felt the romance between Dorhen and Kalea actually wasn't that important. I mean, obviously it is or Kalea wouldn't have gone looking for him, but on the whole, there is so much more to the story than "just" romance. I would call it Dark Fantasy as there is plenty of violence and the threat of rape and/or rape scenes.

It ends on a cliffhanger so fair warning and I haven't found anything online to say when the next book is available. If Dark Fantasy ticks your box then I would recommend it.

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