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A primer on using the science of success to help you achieve your dreams.


Is it true that one simple breathing exercise can bring you peace and success? That is the concept of this surprising little book. In it, Steven Strong catalogues what he sees as things that keep people from achieving success by creating “false beliefs” (FB’s); beliefs about one’s self that tend to hold you back as opposed to “enabling beliefs”  (EB’s) which empower you to success.

According to the author, we are bombarded by stimuli at every waking moment. Where these stimuli originate, whether they are positive or negative and whether we believe them has a direct effect on our success and well-being.

Strong takes a systematic approach like the technical writer he is. The book can be divided roughly into three sections. In the first part, he lays out a schematic for success by creating a formula which includes things like Motivation and Determination, Patience and Persistence, which most people will agree are necessary to success. According to Strong, when these are coupled with belief in one’s self and confidence, and a few other straightforward concepts, they form a potent formula.

The middle section is a primer on neurolinguistics; how our thoughts and beliefs, both positive and negative, change the physical structure of the brain.

The final section lays out some simple methods, including the afore mentioned breathing exercises, to help hardwire the brain for success. The exercises are not actually a stand-alone solution, but coupled with other methods, they help to re-program one’s brain for achievement.

Given the technical nature of some of the material, it would have been nice for Strong to have given citations, or included a list for further reading, but that is not necessary to the understanding of the concepts.

Neurolinguistic programming, most famously taught by Tony Robbins, has been used for years to improve performance in both personal and professional scenarios. Unlike Robbins, Strong does not claim his methods can enable one to walk barefoot over hot coals (which is a questionable achievement anyway) but his schematic approach and folksy style should make this popular approach to success approachable by a wider audience.

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