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Straddling Fences


Worth reading 😎

Recommended for those enjoy a bit of non-conventional romance and don’t mind a spice of drama!

When your romance seems so perfect – right up until it’s not – it’s easy to feel like giving up and giving in. And that’s exactly how Peggy feels in this coming of age story that’s perfect for romance readers.

In Straddling Fences, Peggy mets a man who seems to have everything she’s looking for. He’s charming and witty, but when his true feelings come to light, Peggy is left with a feeling that she should give up on dating all together.

That’s when Tee comes into the picture and seems to throw a wrench in what Peggy had thought her plans for romance were. After deciding against another shot at romance with a man who inexplicably shows attraction to both males and females, Peggy is confused and inevitably shocked at his inability to inform her before their romance begins. While in the beginning she seems turned off at the thought of same-sex attraction, it doesn’t take long for Peggy to realize that love for another person comes from how they make you feel rather than how you suspect you are supposed to feel.

Will Peggy becable to find what she’s looking for in Tee, a woman who admires everything about her? Or will she ultimately decide that she only has interest in men?

Straddling Fences offers such a deep and meaningful premise, and I was so intuned with the story that I finished it in one sitting. I could empathize with Peggy’s dilemma, and felt like her character possessed a true personality. The secondary characters, such as Peggy’s sister Pat, also have their own intertwined drama that added an even deeper interest in the plot line.

The negative takeaway I had with the story was the lack of editing. In the beginning it was difficult to read smoothly due to several grammatical errors throughout, but once I got going and became interested in the story, I was able to ignore them because I had to know what happened next. With a careful round of editing and proofreading, I feel like this has the potential be a story that many could enjoy. Although there’s enough drama to keep things appealing, it’s a lighthearted read that left me smiling for Peggy and her future.

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I am Peggy Whitaker after a long marriage I found myself finally divorced and alone. I still had my kids but I realize I still needed to go back out into the world to date. My husband was the only man I known. So it was going to be tough to meet someone new. view profile

Published on March 27, 2018

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