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Storm: It's a curse to remember


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Author Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu’s deftly explores Shakespearean themes of love, revenge and redemption in this riveting psychological thriller.

To the people of Lake View, Evan Storm is a regular guy. If he’s not grading papers for his high school psychology class, he’s working in his garden, perusing the aisles of his grocery store for the best-tasting chocolate cake, or cooking up a mean meal. He also happens to be handsome. But underneath his spotless exterior, Storm is haunted by visions of the man he was in his past life – a controlling, abusive wife beater and sociopath – frightening memories of which haunt him in the form of night terrors.

When he meets his neighbor, a bonny, reticent interior designer named Shadow Hex whose good looks and good-natured persona reflect that of his own attributes, Storm comes to the stark realization that Hex, was in fact, his wife in a previous life. While shared affection continues to blossom between the two, Storm is filled with guilt about the inhumane way in which he treated her, as visions of the beatings and controlling behavior plague his mind. This sense of karmic debt is killing him as they continue to forge romantic relations and he refrains from telling her the truth. 

Meanwhile, Marvin Stone, Hex’s former betrothed in another life, stalks her with feeble attempts to lure her back to her old life in Pool View to tie the knot. Stone works as an agent for the Secret Eye Agency, a top-secret organization that uses extortion to profit off high-class clients in exchange for helping them solve their problems. When he learns of the budding romance between Hex and Storm, he works to sabotage it, even if that means endangering Storm’s life. But not without the intervention of a fellow agent who goes to great lengths to shield Storm from any harm. Meanwhile, Storm’s Grandmother Venice – who has withheld a major secret about him and his sister’s parents – uses her psychic powers to warn Storm to keep away from Hex in order to dodge danger. Love, however, is inevitable.  

While both protagonists cannot escape the choices they’ve made in their previous lives, for better or worse, “Storm: The Curse to Remember” begs the question: will love or evil prevail? In this riveting psychological thriller wrought with the struggles between corruption and virtue, Author Gurpreet Kaur Sidhu’s deft exploration of Shakespearean themes of true love, lies, suicide, revenge, betrayal, and redemption are intricately woven into a thickening plot filled with both endearment and suspense that make the reader question just how much they would risk for love. 

“Love is a dangerous fuel for the soul,” writes the author. “It can kill us, but in parallel, we all crave it.”

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Gurpreet would often find herself at the receiving end of a cold stare from one of her teachers -reprimanding her for working on literary ventures when she should have been paying attention. All those secretive moments spent scribbling paid off, and now Gurpreet’s launching her debut novel “STORM”. view profile

Published on July 24, 2018

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