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Charming and witty, Stories From The Witch Store delivers a unique and sweet idea, but lacks the essence, failing to deliver on the promise.

Life as a hereditary witch should have been filled with potion making, hexing and all good mischievous fun, but for Arelia, life has just become a bit of a bore. Stories From The Witch Store by Olga Gutsol is charming, sweet and wittily written. 

Setting up shop in the small town of Burnaville, Arelia thought she was starting her life! It turns out that Burnaville is nothing but a town filled with women who want silly potions for weight loss, beauty and love, and a few troublesome villagers who need to be set to rights on how to treat a proper witch. Arelia undertakes this task with a bit of a sigh; she has become so bored that she decides to take on writing down her daily musings. The novel starts at this point and we get to laugh, or cackle rather, along with the witchy trouble she gets up to in order to deal with the daily tedium. We start off in June, learning a bit about the store and the regular customers, along with Arelia’s house ghost, Puck, and Cat. However, there is a real lack of description telling us about Gutsol’s imaginary world. Is this place an alternate time in our world or somewhere altogether different?

That is a minor scruple compared to the lack of plot and conflict. The description would lead a reader to believe that there might be some turmoil and adventure in Arelia’s boring life when a dragon suddenly appears, followed by a handsome White Mage. These suggestions do make their appearance in the work, but the dragon itself doesn’t show up until September. The White Mage then arrives in early October and it takes until mid-November for he and Arelia to work together to rid the town of their dragon problem. Until this time, the White Mage, named Avind, and Arelia have had no interaction. This lack of detail and interaction make this lovely story idea fall short in delivery, leaving this novel feeling like it should be more of a humorous graphic book to set on one’s coffee table than a novel.

Stories From The Witch Store has so much charm, it’s a real shame that the essence and point of the story is missing.

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