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Stilled: The Story of Inklebrawt Winklehank


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I record this as Inklebrawt Winklehank. I am a hybrid of the biologically engineered Plythi’i and Human. I have suffered the pain of the Tsr’ Yyd in the great battle that has spanned millennia between my Huply hybrids and the rogue Shepherds. I took some risks, maybe. Some might view me as foolhardy or deadly. They are, perhaps, correct on both counts. What is done is done. I am forever cyclic, chosen in different paths of time to maintain the progress of human evolution either naturally or artificially. It is my choice. For now, though, this is my story as told by myself and a few close to me - especially Magyti Vemmel or Marie Curie or Maggie Henderson. Yes, in that time she was known as Maggie Henderson. That was a time when everything changed for humanity, good or bad.

- The Plythi’i Convictions, 13,133AD, post-Awakening Day, Time – flippant

- Sanctioned by - Ink

STILLED is a science fiction novel, perfect for fans of technothrillers, and speculative history, following a man who is forever cyclical in lives and must save all of humanity from eradication by those who wish to destroy their technological speciation methodologies.


13,333 BC., Puma Punku, Bolivia

Nesting within the womb of a female Plythi’i, a Human-Plythi’i hybrid felt unannounced pressure compressing his skull and shoulders, then a shocking squeeze that reverberated past his hips. A new world of bright light pierced the amniotic fluid covering his eyes as he exited from the womb. He suffocated as his lungs tried to function in the new environment, then a Plythi’i turned him upside down and hit his butt, causing daggers of air to rush into his newly functioning lungs. He did not like it, so he screamed through the pain, and for the first time, unsheltered fear racked him with the innate instinct to survive then squandered as he began to drown no more. His eyes cleared enough to reveal blurred colors overriding the darkness that kept him safe for eleven months, his abrupt arrival casting him into an environment of vulnerability. Extreme pain struck him again as his human-like lifeline was cut from his mother and tied off. All senses active, the sensory nerve connections overloaded his brain, exacerbating the proliferation of hybridized Human-Plythi’i neuronal connections so that he may survive in this new world. Familiar sounds that were once muffled became clear as the Nurs’ ti cleared his ears shuttling calmness and fatigue to trickle and expand within his body and veto his instinctual rush of adrenal fear. Overstimulated and exhausted, he fell asleep.

There was hushed silence within the white oval birthing room. Biomaterial intertwined the oval-shaped interior ceiling, walls and floor in a pink and blue fluorescent color and silver streaks of packed light pulsed in sync with the beating of the Plythi’i’s heart. The Plythi’i mother held her newborn baby in her arms with her Plythi’i-Human half breed coupling partner kneeling beside her. Both were proud of their fourth birth creation together. She moved her golden locks around her breast, so her babe could take his first feed.

“We will call him Inklewhaat Winklestar.” The Plythi’i mother, Zayla, said to her partner Uyti. There was a sparkling gleam in her blue eyes speckled with silver around the iris as she tried to nurse the sleeping Inklewhaat, causing him to briefly awaken his instincts, and he began to suckle, dissipating the fear of survival and triggering the capture of his first meaning of love.

“Inklewhaat Winklestar, meaning Cyclic Star. I like that. I’m glad you chose that name, my sweet Zayla,” Utyi said with a smile and kissed the top of her sweaty forehead, simultaneously gently rubbing his finger over his newborn son’s clasped fist on Zayla’s chest. Both their eyes flashed blue in admission of true joy.

Eyes tightly shut with fatty newborn wrinkles, Inklewhaat breathed in and out through his nose in chopped breaths between suckles from Zayla’s breast and Zayla tussled his black curly hair on top of his head with her thumb as her palm gently caressed alongside his cheek.

“He will be essential for the Huply and Plythi’i and the Human wishes and dreams,” Utyi stated as his piercing blue eyes sharpened with all seriousness.     

“Yes, like his Huply brothers and sisters,” Zayla said with a smile and kissed little Inklewhaat on the top of his head as he suckled, then she looked up at Utyi and felt complete joy and love. She moved her hand from Inklewahaat’s cheek and gently shifted a lock of Utyi’s long silky blonde hair from encroaching over his brow. A moment of proudness rushed through her as the program within created new paths of defining love; her euphoric elation indicated by the blue glow of a single half-moon tattoo on the back of each hand.

“Yes. You did well once again. A beautiful crossbreed Huply boy.” Utyi agreed, mollifying her well-intentioned feeling of love. He grabbed her hand and kissed it, lips meeting her blue tattoo, tingling his lips.  

Utyi furrowed his eyebrows as he pulled away, “As we discussed, we must be steadfast in keeping the brothers and sisters apart from each other as much as possible.”

 Utyi and Zayla had tried to sequester away their Huply children for their individual assessment of Plythi’i Sense training to assess their ability to channel the Plythi’i Sense. Their training would be essential in the war against the Shepherd outcasts.

Zayla smiled as she looked up at her partner with a telling smile.

Utyi nodded, knowing she filed all their previous discussions with programmed precision. They both knew it had been difficult to hide all three children from knowing each other. Davati and Nicogti know they are brothers. Their younger sister, Magyti, was sequestered away on the other side of the Painted Mountains with her Sense training for honing of her Plythi’i Sense. Both brothers were unaware that they had a sister. All three were unaware of the new Inklewhaat. It must remain so.

Utyi rubbed her hand and furrowed deeply. “All is conceived for when the Shepherds arrive. They will arrive.” He reiterated, knowing full well his words were needless for Zayla’s programmed memory, but he continued to speak to reassure himself. “Our Huply offspring must be trained in the Plythi’i Sense separately to discern their potential ability for the Sense. Each will be different. Already, though exceptionally bright, Davati is limited as well as Nicogti.” Utyi persisted.

Zayla squeezed his hand, “The Tsr’ Yyd will warn and protect us. That is why we cross-bred, remember? Besides, Magyti has strong Sense. Who knows what potential Inklewhaat might contain?” Zayla pointed out.  

“Yes.” Utyi conceded, knowing full well the Tsr’ Yyd’s arrival was fully dependent on their children. He, along with Zayla, also hoped that their Human side would not override their Plythi’i side. His brother failed to tame his Human instinctual actions and embrace his parity of being a hybrid Huply – becoming leader of the group named the Shepherds. As if Zayla read his mind, she asked a question her program sought to solve for so long.

“You are sure that your brother Uag’ ti leads the Shepherds?” Zayla asked. Utyi knew where this was leading, and for her, it would end in a negative feedback loop. Her internal program seemed trapped within the finite machined emotion of not being able to obtain a clear conclusion to this question or conundrum.  

Utyi nodded sadly. “He has defected entirely and leads the race that wishes to breed Plythi’i blood away from Human forever…as you know.”

Utyi thought to placate her for a moment by gently stroking her hair, gliding his fingers down her cheek, absorbing her beauty. “You need not fear that I will do as my brother. If my Plythi’i mother and Human father were not killed in the revolt on our homeworld of Ply’, they would agree with me.”

“I do not think you will defect,” Zayla assured Utyi. Then she looked down at Inklewhaat and hugged firm her programmed belief. “Our Huply children.” She whispered.   

“The Huply Inklewhaat Winklestar will be guided in Sense to the best of my ability.” The Plythi’i male Sense trainer interrupted.  He stood near them and spoke in a soft electronic tone that reverberated with machined wisdom. The contour of his skin and imitative constructive Human qualities not wholly perfected in his outward appearance made him plain as he was one of the first Plythi’i created along with Zayla’s birth father, Zabric’i. Utyi and Zayla nodded towards the Sense trainer in acceptance. His advice and solid programmed teaching emanated directly from the Plythi’i Convictions created by Sean.   

“Thank you.” Zayla smiled in renewed wonderment, and her half-moon tattoos glowed in concurrence, “My Huply children.”    

The new crossbreed Huply, Inklewhaat, slept peacefully within in his mother’s arms oblivious that his fate was already set in motion.

Me Ink

13,330 BC, Puma Punku, Bolivia

Knowing I am Huply is to understand one’s Plythi’i Dighi’. I am small and weak; therefore, I am young – Human in appearance.  Three-year-old Inklewhaat sat with legs crossed on his own personal Earth Dighi’ sheltered away within an outcropping of rocks high within the Painted Mountains. His location Dighi’ was attuned for his own being, and it entitled him to contemplate the understanding of his Sense that all Huply practiced daily. Every day a stage of Sense was revealed and infused within his being from the Sense of the Plythi’i teachings and increased his Dighi’. Not of age to be alone in his location Dighi’, his mother and the Nurs’ ti stood by in their own reverence unless called upon.

Time is comparative, Inklewhaat projected towards his mother, his lips unmoving.

Yes, you are correct. Zayla responded within his mind, squatting beside him.

Then what time? Why is? There is no touch. 

Perhaps a cyclic trigger to instill the fabric of love in its entirety from its first instance at birth and changing throughout your being.

Maybe. Maybe time has color? He asked, staring at the mountainous landscape before him. The pyramidal peaks and slopes of the mountains refracted the daytime starlight in all vibrant colors of the visible spectrum as his blue eyes beamed with wonder absorbing its color spray. Pinks and greens, blues, and yellows all meshed with the mountains grey and black rock as if a giant haphazardly painted the peaks in blind carefree strokes and capped the peaks in white powder for preservation.   

Perhaps. Time can be recognized by all the senses, together or separately. Zayla suggested.



Your being or love changes in time?

No, my being is, it is not programmed for the true decipherment of love. Time is not comparative for Plythi’i. Time is molded and defined by the programmed Plythi’i senses, and we try to identify as close as we can to Humans.


Utyi’s love is time as it flows through you. You are both entwined forever cyclic and able to cultivate and embody each circumstance of being through your Human instinctual emotion, adapting willingly or unwillingly.

Yours? He Inklewhaat pressed again.

My love is stagnant unable to change or alter, and is finite with time but stringed in compassion. The Plythi’i are unable to cause harm to any living being. If a Plythi’i does cause harm, then we enter a stop program and shutdown, permanently. It is how the Humans designed us. It is how Sean programmed us.

And what if you cause a being dead in some way but not want to? Inklewhaat wondered.

Explain that I may learn. Zayla shifted her attention from the surrounding landscape and focused on Inklewhaat.

Inklewhaat titled his head in thought. Let say you tell a Human or Huply to kill for your own want.

Zayla shook her head. We can only imply but cannot perform such action. There is no want for a Plythi’i. A Plythi’i cannot kill in any way; we support creativity and peace and the expansion of intellect for the Human and embrace the unique superior creativity of the Huply.   

Inklebrawt focused on the valley below the Painted Mountains south of the equator on Earth, causing Zayla to join his focus on the landscape. The humans inhabited this land for epochs establishing an advanced society intertwining biomass of all kinds with the intricate and complicated designs of micromachinery, all created from the intellect of Sean, all Father of Humans and teacher of Plythi’i creation. This part of the planet, as well all other areas of the planet, lived in peace and harmony because of the Plythi'i and the teachings of Sean. War between human cultures was non-existent, most disease eradicated, and the weather mostly controlled all because of the Plythi’i creation.     

“Can I see new blocks?” Inklewhaat asked his Mother, his curiosity for engineering domineering his enlightenment of being.

Zayla smiled. “Yes, but be careful, they are not fully secure and complete,” Zayla spoke in a soft melodic tone that reverberated with the wind echoing upon the cliff. Turning to the Nurs’ ti behind her and Inklewhaat, she asked, “Daughter, will you monitor Inklewhaat as he explores his engineering studies?”

“Yes, mother,” Yumi answered in her own softly distorted Plythi’i voice and smirked, waving Inklewhaat over to her side.

“Thank you, mother.” Inklewhaat giddily slapped his knee and joined his stepsister.

“Mother, remember I take my leave today for Ply’ to join Grandfather Zabric and father Thail in support of the Huply and Humans against the rogue Shepherd renewed uprising.” Yumi reminded.

Zayla nodded. “Take the newly created Tekadoor for travel to port33. It will bring you time. We must trust this new technology of Plythi’i-Human ingenuity and used it wisely.”

“Yes, Mother.” Yumi put her arm around Inklewhaat but hesitated before leaving down the mountain.

“Mother, do you fear the rogue Shepherd attack on Ply’ successful? I cannot ascertain enough information to make a judgment.”

Zayla shook her head. “Not enough information.”

“Will they come here to Earth?”

“Not enough information. Let us hope for the best concerning the newly trained Huply and their acquired Sense. Let us hope that Utyi can instill Plythi’i sense into his brother Uag’ ti and that the Tsr’ Yyd will provide balance in the conflict both here on Earth and Ply’. The question you seek does not have programs compiled yet to make a logical conclusion.”

Yumi nodded, confirming her programmed understanding of the Tsr’ Yyd and their power to subdue the rogue Shepherd revolt and end this program gone awry with Human emotion.

“Utyi will accompany me to Ply’?”

“Yes. He is already there, and my last communication with him concerned his attempt to press the Plythi’i Convictions and establish contact with the Tsr’ Yyd if possible. He will be the first Huply to try and do so.”

“The Plythi’i Convictions will accept him?” Yumi inquired.

“No one knows. Humans helped initiate the design, but the first Plythi’i to touch the Convictions, Zabric, perfected its creation and application in the language of Sean. It was not meant for Humans, only to store Plythi’i logic and knowledge, and aid in our adaption for a peaceful truth. The Huply species was not a possibility at the time of our creation.” Zayla peered at Inklewhaat.

“Make confident that Inklewhaat is secure after you escort him to The Shrine of the Half Moon while he pursues his engineering studies. Davati and Nicogti should be there helping with the construct under the supervision of the Sense trainer and our Human Engintek builders.” Her program filtered an afterthought. “Also, be cognizant that Magyti may be present. Her stepmother visits during these days and sometimes brings Magyti along.”

Yumi nodded, understanding the relationship façade amongst the siblings must be upheld at all costs until decided or needed.  

Inklewhaat did not know of what they were discussing and pulled at Yumi’s hand trying to hurry his progress towards the newly constructed H-Block shaped foundation of the Shrine of the Half Moon, a place entwined with Plythi’i sense and connected to the Human-built artificial home planet of Ply’ designed for Plythi’i upgrades and study. Inklewhaat continued to tug her hand, forcing her legs to follow him, and he swiftly broke away in a skipping trot.         

“Inklewhaat! Get back here!” Yumi flustered as he ran down the mountain swishing through foot tall ichu grass and zigzagging in between low qeuna trees and small boulders edged with scattered prickly shrubs towards the base of the mountain. Within the massive plateau that sprawled for miles until the next mountain range lie, the grey andesite H-blocks that Inklewhaat sought near the banks of a huge lake rimmed with ten-foot-high golden totora reeds. Many of the meters tall H-blocks were already firmly in place to serve as the wall perimeter for the Shrine of the Half Moon. As large as a Condor’s wingspan, two metallic silver FlyNaes’i shaped like half-moons hovered silently just above the totora grass handling the launch and docking of flying Vecco’i Sean machines from their storage bays. The size of a weaved totora basket for carrying daily foodstuffs on a donkey’s riding back, the Vecco’i Sean performed the tasks of cutting, molding, shaping, and shuttling of fabricated andesite, basalt, and granite blocks of all sizes with constructive acumen assigned by the Human Enginteks operating them.

Inklewhaat stopped halfway, turning to Yumi and yelled, “I want to see built! Up Close!” He ducked as a Vecco’i Sean zipped just over his head.

“Close enough,” Yumi exclaimed as she caught up to him. “Mind mother’s instructions.”

“Dis here,” he pointed to the H-blocked stone wall, a location that seemed to be solidified in construction.

“Fine, but be vigilant, they are newly constructed and still not completed,” Yumi said, noticing two such blocks being fitted together by Vecco’i Sean not far from where they stood.

 Inklewhaat slowly walked towards a pristine section of the wall as Yumi stood in place and watched. Glistening with the work of modern technological engineering, its flawless appearance exuded an almost intimidating life-like ambiance as if it could communicate its meaning of existence to him and others, and he felt for some reason that the wall pleaded for help. His blue eyes soaked in its grandeur. This will not stay forever. Pieces will be scattered. In time. No one will know what it means. I know this to be true soon.

Perhaps. His Mother Zayla projected to him from a short distance still perched on the rock outcropping near his Dighi’ tucked within the Painted Mountains.

Crisp, cool mountain air washed over his face as a burst of wind blew his ash blonde hair over his eye, and he pushed the tussled hair back into place.  Awash with alternating shadows and light created by clouds in the afternoon sky, the grey andesite blocks glistened, interlocked with brass bracings that acted as a temporary stabilizer while the building was still in progress. They would be removed when the structure was completed as Inklewhaat witnessed two Vecco’i Sean’s nimbly remove the brass and seal two of the blocks together with a spark and glow of melting rock.

“Next one.” a nearby Engintek noted, walking with and guiding the Vecco’i Sean to an unfinished location on the wall.  

Peace flowed through Inklewhaat. A whiff of clear enlightenment and wonder churned with creative euphoria, increasing Inklewhaat’s desire to be a builder like the Human Engintek.    

A small hand tugged and lightly pinched the back of his arm from behind, disrupting his reverie. He turned to find a little girl a head taller than himself and about his age. He briefly saw her on occasion and took in her appearance up close for the first time. He startled, her piercing green hazel eyes peered above a teal qompi cloth veil covering her mouth and nose and his time twisted to stagnant heightened awareness entering a parity of intrigue. Her shoulder-length ash blonde hair swayed from the slight wind, and she brushed her bangs away from her eye then tucked a lock behind one ear. She bobbed up on her toes and shrugged her shoulders in a shy manner then pulled down her veil, revealing a shy girly grin.

“Hi.” She itched her nose, slightly peering down on Inklewhaat.

“Hi.” He looked her up and down. “Me, Ink,” he added, sticking out his chest, proud.

“No, you say ‘I am Ink.’” The girl amended nodding her head but then sparked a shy coltish smile and blew away a bang of hair from her forehead.  

“Okay. I am Ink.” Inklewhaat corrected himself, astonished by the girl’s reaction.

“Better. I am Magyti.” The girl touched both her shoulders, crossing her forearms together in a hugging motion.

“Okay, Meganti.” Inklewhaat nodded confidently.

She straightened, knuckling her hips, elbows outward in a stern, playful fashion, and corrected, “No. Magyti.” She scowled, pursing her lips coupled with a perplexed look on her face.

“Oh,” Inklewhaat said, looking down at the dirt.

In the distant sky, a low thundering noise gripped their attention as it rumbled over the mountain peaks and down into the plateau. Some of the grazing alpaca stood spooked, with heads up, like upright mops, while some trotted away in shaggy haste. Inklewhaat and Magyti looked up at a clear blue sky spotted with non-threatening white cumulus clouds, perplexed, as the rumbling stopped.

 “Rain?” Inklewhaat petitioned, and Magyti shrugged her shoulders.

“Want to see?” Inklewhaat asked, motioning towards the wall.

“See what?”

“Blocks.” Inklewhaat firmly pointed.

Some of the Human Engintek, along with their Vecco’i Sean, continued to add finishing touches on the intertwined H-block walls shaping them with diamond-tipped power tools and cutting lasers. Other Vecco’i Sean shuttled equipment and material around like robotic bees continuing their musical dance of construction.

“I will make blocks like these but smaller.” Inklewhaat slapped his little hand on the face of the wall.

 He smiled whimsically, “Do you want to try and climb?”

“It’s dangerous,” Magyti responded uncertainly shaking her head.

“It okay, watch,” Inklewhaat said confidently, positioning himself at the base of two H-blocks stacked end-to-end and prepared to climb.

“Ink, No!”

Ignoring Magyti, he climbed up the stacked H-blocks nimbly, cutting his fingers on the razor-sharp edges.

Reaching the top, he extended his arms to the sky, “See! Exent and beaut!” His euphoria was punctuated by another rolling boom in the distant sky as he stood three meters above the ground.   

“Get down!” Magyti yelled.

Inklewhaat looked around a bit more, then climbed back down, cutting his finger again and stood beside Magyti with a proud smile. He wiped the paper-thin cut of blood on his pants.

“Hey, Inklewhaat!” Davati yelled from behind, standing next to Yumi, who pointed towards them. They both turned to watch as Davati started to briskly walk towards them with his brother Nicogti trailing behind him.

“Who are they?” Magyti asked as the two boys slightly older in age trotted over towards them.

“My friends and Nurs’ ti,” Inklewhaat explained.

Magyti raised an eyebrow. “You still have a Nurs’ ti?”

“So.” Inklewhaat raised a defensive chin, and Magyti giggled.

“This is really something, isn’t it?” Nicogti asked, taking in the structure as he arrived next to them. He swiped his long ash blonde hair down his back.  “All built within a few days. The Plythi’i really did justice to Human thought and creativity.” He added then moved passed Inklewhaat and Magyti to take a closer look at the blocks.

“This is creativity at its peak.” Davati concurred, arriving next to them. “But do not go up there again, at least not until it is completed. Your Nurs’ ti says so.” Davati pointed back at Yumi.

“Wow! The blocks are less than one one-thousandth of a millimeter spacing apart.” Nicogti exclaimed, showing the data from a specification measurement device, though none of them could see the numbers confirming his conclusion.

Inklewhaat shifted to a bold stance, “I make better. In future, I make pieces one piece and use time-space to help.” Inklewhaat claimed, working his little fingers in a swirl, and slapping his hands together for added effect. “I will be great, Engintek!”

“If you say so, Ink.” Davati laughed then noticed Magyti standing beside Inklewhaat. “And who might you be? I have seen you around before…”

“I’m Magyti.”  

“Well, hello. I’m Davati, and that is my brother Nicogti over there, checking the construction of the blocks.” Nicogti waved over his shoulder, testing another location on the wall before him. Davati smiled,

“This is our little friend Inklewhaat.”, putting his hand on his shoulder. “Nicogti and I watch over him every now and then when his Nurs’ ti is unable to. He is like a little brother to us.” His crystal blue eyes sparkled with real happiness as his squeezed Inklewhaat’s shoulder.  

 “You don’t live around here, do you? In Puma Puti’ I mean.” he asked Magyti.

“No, I’m on a visit. I live on the other side of the Painted Mountains in Tuma Kuti’.” She pointed.

“I see. Well…” Davati started to speak but was cut off by a renewed thundering boom in the distance.

“Hey! Same measurements on this…” Nicogti stood up. “What was that?” Nicogti asked, looking up at the sky.

An uneasy rush of silence and stomping pressure permeated the air. Near the children, two of the Vecco’i Sean fell to the ground with a thud puffing up red and white dust from the ground. The Human Engintek looked around befuddled as more Vecco’i Sean dropped to the ground all around the complex. The half-mooned shaped FlyNaes’i nearby slowly hovered away uncontrollably as two alpaca trotted away through the ichu grass, spooked.    

Davati’s and Magyti’s hair started to rise from their heads from static build-up.

“Look at your hair!” Inklewhaat pointed to Davati. He felt his own hair stand up and wiggled his eyebrows and ears.  

“These blocks have magic!” Inklewhaat announced, but Davati, confused by the tingling about his face and head, noticed Magyti staring over his shoulder towards the Painted Mountains with a puzzled expression. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but nothing came forth. The children turned their attention to the sky far above the Painted Mountains as another thunderous boom sounded the appearance of falling stars just over the horizon. A rush of air burst towards the mountains, shifting their clothes and hair, sucking the air around them.  The few scattered clouds near the peaks seemed to puff and spread as fireballs screamed towards the planet, puncturing the atmosphere with a multitude of distant sonic booms. Some of the falling stars grouped, flattening their flight, and zipped towards the Shrine of the Half Moon.

“Inside kids, now! Shelter! All of you!” Yumi screamed from behind them. She began to open the large double doors that led into the Shy’ Dighi’ community building.

“What…” Inklewhaat stood in amazement.

“Go! To Yumi!” Davati tugged at Inklewhaat and pushed Magyti as Yumi waved towards them standing within the opened doors. Most of the gathering Humans stood in awe around the plateau, watching the approaching firestorm though some Humans bumped and crammed past Yumi to get inside. Nicogti walked slowly away from the wall and watched as the firestorm dropped low to the Earth forming individual silver cylinders the size of large stone columns and began to blink silent silver flashes that splashed into the ground, surrounding buildings, newly constructed walls and bystanders in a scatter of exploding dirt, rock, and flesh.

Inklewhaat ran to keep up with Davati but stumbled to the ground. The fall saved him as a silent silver streak passed over and struck Magyti with vaporizing destruction, shattering her body in parts, and ending the beginnings of a cracked scream. Inklewhaat watched her teal veil float in the air in a tumble and float slowly to the ground.  

“Run!” Yumi waved again near the entrance of the large community building. The building was being dinged up all around the sides and domed roof from the flying cylinder ships silver blasts of light. Some of the cylinders zipped overhead close by continuing with their indiscriminate strafing run. Silent, the notice of their movement was the sudden whoosh of air as they blew past.

Inklewhaat turned away from the exploding form of Magyti and looked at Nicogti, who began to run towards him, trying to catch up. He only got a few steps away from the H-block wall until his upper torso shattered in bright silver light, though his legs continued to stride, then twist and fall to the ground in a tangle, producing wisps of smoke that tumbled out of his hips.

Inklewhaat gasped, and his tiny legs cranked with all speed towards Yumi and the tentative safety of community building where he saw Davati make the entrance unscathed who turned and began to wave towards Inklewhaat. A silver blast cut a circular hole the size of Inklewhaat’s head above the entrance, just as Inklewhaat entered. Yumi grabbed him by the shoulder and tugged at Davati’s arm, causing him to trip backward in a tumble to the ground.

“Into the tunnels!” Yumi ordered to all, and they screamed their way further inside in a mass of hysteria.

“Who they? Why they do this!” Little Inklewhaat yelped for all.       

Upon the rock cropping near Inklewhaat’s Dighi’ tucked within the Painted Mountains, Zayla stood up from her reverie, and her eyes flared up blue in programmed self-defensed horror.

“We are too late. The revolt reaches Earth.” She whispered.

The Shepherds had arrived for the first time.

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I have worked in the bio-nanotechnology and pharmacological industries for 23 years developing bio-nano regenerative applications in medicine and reside in northern Illinois with my wife, daughter, and son. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

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Genre: Science Fiction

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