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Spirits Beside Us


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Spirits Beside Us is an interesting look into the life of a medium, and an honest discussion about what being able to see spirits means.

Spirits Beside Us by Chris Lippincott is an interesting look into the life of a medium, and what he goes through every day as he speaks to spirits and helps in our understanding of the afterlife. Spirits Beside Us is more of a how-to for meeting and working with your own spirit guides than it is simply a memoir. It's worth reading, because it gives a much more comprehensive look than most books written by mediums.

What I liked: Spirits Beside Us is both a life story and a guide into the supernatural. It explains both the dangers and the wonder of the supernatural world, and gives some tips for communicating with spirits. The author is knowledgeable about what he is doing and gives a more nuanced discussion into the afterlife.

What I didn't like: To be honest, I can't think about too much in Spirits Beside Us that I didn't like. I wish Lippincott could have gone a little more into his life as he began his life as a medium, because I wanted to know more about that aspect of the story, a little more than I wanted to know more about what he learned as a medium.

Why I recommend: Spirits Beside Us talks about ghosts in a way that is not terrifying but educational. You learn more about the afterlife and some simple ways to communicate with loved ones who have passed on. The author is clearly well-versed in the supernatural world.

Spirits Beside Us really is an interesting look into what it means to be a medium, and is both to the point and also expands upon information that you may already have about being a medium or about the supernatural world. I really enjoyed reading Chris Lippincott's story into how he became a medium, and what he has learned along the way. This is an excellent source of information if you want to start learning more about what it means to speak to the dead.

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Chris is an international psychic medium and best selling author. His evidential readings help transform lives and offer comfort, healing and knowledge that our loved ones in spirit are alive and still care about us. He lives with his wife and son in a New Jersey suburb outside of New York City. view profile

Published on May 17, 2020

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